Petroleum Jelly: Beauty Fact or Myth?
As we all anxiously await the fashionably late arrival of spring, many of us are still trying to combat winter's tight, dry grip on our skin. The cold months are more like moisture bandits, making it difficult to keep skin nourished and hydrated. A supposed go-to for many years, petroleum jelly ha...
Castor Oil: The Secret to Longer Hair and Glowing Skin?
As we peruse the YouTube beauty reviews, there was a product that seemed to be all the rage amongst users looking to grow their hair. Transcending age, race, and gender, the product that everyone is vouching for is castor oil. Not to be confused with the oil for your car, this castor oil is derive...
Top 10 Beauty Classics You Must Own Countdown: #10
With so many beauty products on the market tor try, sometime you just want the tried and true classics. Sometimes you just want the product that everyone has tried and everyone still loves, years after it has launched. As self-professed product junkies, we know the need to try something new and di...
Spray & Go with Vaseline's New Moisturizer
Talk about beauty on the go! Vaseline recently introduced their new Spray & Go Moisturizer. A line of quick, convenient spray lotions, this collection of 3 moisturizers absorb deeply into skin within seconds. The revolutionary continuous spray-system dispenses lotion quickly and evenly for all ove...
Be Eco-Beautiful with Alejandra Nerizagal
Alejandra Nerizagal's 18 years of industry experience as a hair and makeup artist have made her our go-to for all things beautifully eco-friendly. With her work regularly featured in Glamour, Italian Vogue, Details, GQ, and Nylon, Alejandra specializes in organic beauty and offered us some eye-open...
HBO Girls' Star Allison Williams Shares her Biggest Beauty Mistakes & Tips
The beautiful Allison Williams, breakout star of HBO's new hit series, Girls, is not immune to the cringe-worthy beauty blunders we've all had. In recent interviews with T Magazine and the New York Times, Allison opens up about her high school days, the makeup mistakes she made early on, and the ti...
Keep Your Skin Ph Balanced with Sebamed Skincare
While most of us assume healthy even, skin comes from a good diet, water consumption, low stress levels and lots of sleep, Sebamed explains that the science behind good skin lies in its pH balance. With a unique line of skincare products available at your local drugstore, Sebamed aims to help keep...
CC Cream: The Next Generation of Skincare
AA+BB=CC. Olay helps us figure out the beauty equation with their newest skincare innovation, the Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream.
The 9 craziest beauty treatments in history
In the age of fish pedicures and bull semen hair conditioning treatments, you'd think that things couldn't have ever been stranger in the beauty world. Think again! These 9 beauty treatments employed everything from poison to crocodile dung in the name of beautification. Check out this list of the c...
7 Pinterest boards to meet your every beauty need
In the mood for braids? Nail art? Winter skin solutions? Check out these 7 Pinterest boards to meet your every beauty need.
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