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(Photo : Earth & Halo)

Earth & Halo has launched the "Pledge to Our Community" initiative, dedicated to advocating graceful aging and avoiding the use of the term "anti-aging."

As part of its commitment to redefine beauty standards, the skincare brand will no longer employ terms like "flawless" or "perfect" skin, along with "anti-aging," while promoting its products.

Embracing the journey, Earth & Halo now champions the concept of graceful aging, paying homage to the richness of experience and wisdom.

While its products combat wrinkles, the brand's overarching aim is to redefine the narrative around aging. The skincare line promotes self-love, accentuating the genuine beauty that comes with aging gracefully.

The brand's Blue Crystalline Face Serum won Elle Magazine's First Class Beauty 2023 Best Serum of the Year. This organic serum is crafted from five potent organic extracts and touted as a one-step skincare solution, simplifying your regimen. However, in this product, the skincare brand still used "anti-aging" as one of its descriptions.

Meanwhile, its Apple Of My Eye Eye & Lip Contour won Beauty Innovation's Best Eye Product Of The Year. This is an eye cream used to lift, firm, and smooth the eye area. In this product, the brand used "graceful aging" instead of "anti-aging."

Earth & Halo is dedicated to transparency, openly communicating about products, processes, and sourcing. Committed to excellence, it uses the purest and most effective ingredients in its formulations.

Through ongoing research, the brand ensures that its products cater to various skin types while maintaining high efficacy standards. Additionally, the company is dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint by adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Earth & Halo stands as a trailblazing brand leading an eco-conscious beauty revolution. Its ethos harmonizes vegan skincare with sustainability, resulting in award-winning products that epitomize clean beauty.

By skillfully combining botanical extracts and clinical innovation, the brand offers a distinctive approach to skincare.

It extends an invitation to join a movement dedicated to radiant, cruelty-free skincare, encouraging individuals to make ethical choices.