The Top Five K-Beauty Products to Include in Your 2021 Skincare Routine
(Photo : cosrx/Instagram)

CosRX, a prominent skincare brand celebrated for its effective products, is now on TikTok Shop U.S., aiming to expand its reach to skincare enthusiasts across the country.

The brand's newly launched TikTok Shop enables users to seamlessly browse and purchase CosRX products directly through the popular social media platform.

This initiative not only enhances accessibility but also assures customers that they are purchasing authentic CosRX items, eliminating concerns about counterfeit products.

Exclusive offers and promotions further enhance the shopping experience, allowing customers to avail themselves of their favorite products at competitive prices.

To commemorate the launch, CosRX inaugurated the CosRX Affiliate Club, inviting influencers, skincare aficionados, and loyal customers to participate.

Members of this exclusive club can create content featuring CosRX products and earn a 15% commission on sales facilitated through personalized affiliate links. This initiative not only encourages engagement but also rewards enthusiasts for promoting products they genuinely appreciate.

"We are thrilled to expand our presence on TikTok and bring our products directly to our U.S. customers through this new platform," a CosRX spokesperson said in a press release. "The launch of our TikTok Shop and the CosRX Affiliate Program underscores our commitment to making high-quality skincare accessible and rewarding for everyone."

CosRX has garnered a dedicated following by prioritizing skin-friendly ingredients and delivering products that consistently deliver results. Recently, the brand received Amazon Choice badges for eight of its best-selling skincare products.

The brand's expansion onto TikTok positions it to engage with a broader demographic, sharing its skincare expertise and reinforcing its reputation as a trusted name in the beauty industry.

For those interested in learning more about the CosRX TikTok Shop or joining the affiliate club, additional information can be found at CosRX Affiliate Club or by following CosRX on TikTok @cosrx.tiktokshop.