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How To Take A Selfie: Perfect365 App Offers 6 Tips for Flawless Summer Selfies Part 2
Selfies don't seem to be a fad at this point. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know they're pretty much here to stay. Some of us have mastered how to take a great selfie, leaving the rest of us to liek their pics with envy. How do they do it!? How do they get their pictures perfe...
Tattoo Removal: New Laser Method Reduces Time And Pain For Adrienne Bailon
It's one of the trendiest, but most treacherous things you can do to your skin. Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself. They can be super sexy and are always personal. But what happens when you end up regretting your ink? The ultimate reminder of a bad decision gone wrong is a tattoo....
Fruity Infused Beauty: Facials, Masks, Peels, Serums & Skin Care For Summer
With summer in full swing and many exotic fruits in season, many women are realizing the amazing benefits of using fruit-infused beauty products. From at-home treatments like avocado masks to highly refined Amazon superfruit moisturizing serums, it seems like everyone is into applying fruit to their...
Skin Cancer Awareness: Five Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer
Summer brings sunshine but unless you are careful, its effects can cause severe skin damage. Know the risks before they appear on your skin! Too much sunlight can cause brown or red spots, scaly spots, dried out skin, and wrinkles. Worse yet though, is the risk of skin cancer which is the most co...
Dark Skin Sunburn, Sunscreen, & Sun Damage: The Truth is Dark Skin Does Burn
Summer is here and the sunblock needs to be in everyone's bag, no matter their skin tone! Everyone, regardless of skin color, can fall prey to skin cancer. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that people with dark skin are immune to this disease. However, nothing could be furth...
Rosacea Triggers, Treatment, Acne & Redness: Skin Care & Makeup Tips From a Medical Pro
Chronic redness? What you think is a major breakout could actually be diagnosed as rosacea, a skin condition that affects over 16 million Americans! Super sensitive skin and redness can be a pain, but it's always better to know what you're dealing with and have a proper diagnosis. We tapped Dr...
PMD Personal Microderm Debuts New Hand and Foot Kit Exfoliator
There's nothing hot about a crusty heal in your new sandals! Not cute! So of course we were hyped to hear that a new hand and foot kit for all over body exfoliation was coming out by PMD. If you're late to the facial exfoliation party, PMD is a widely popular the at-home microdermabrasion syst...
The Most Outrageous Anti-Aging Beauty Devices: The Vampire Facial Part 2
Forget the onions, silver bullets and turtlenecks; cause vampires are actually good for your skin! Just ask Kim K, who underwent the Vampire Facial and made the outrageous skin care treatment widely popular. If you missed Part One of our interview with Dr. Marotta, this procedure involves a plast...
The Most Outrageous Anti-Aging Beauty Devices: The Vampire Facial
So to continue our outrageous beauty treatment series, we wanted more info on one of Kim Kardashian's trusted skin care treatments: the vampire facial. With a name more appropriate for Halloween than it is for a spa, we had to get the scoop from a plastic surgery pro pn just what goes into this pote...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Maria Menounos, Brittany Snow & Kylie Jenner
When we get the scoop on the beauty rituals of the stars, we aren't ever really surprised when the treatments are out of our price range. But every now and then we love to hear about stars using the same fabulous drugstore finds that we do. Just last week, Actress Maria Menounos was spotted at...
Microbeads Ban: New 'Think Dirty' App Helps You Figure Out Toxic Ingredients In Your Makeup & Food
Remember when we told you about the dangers of microbeads in your skin care products? These little beads seem helpful when we're exfoliating skin, but they're actually harmful environmental concerns, damaging the purity of lakes and rivers. Microbeads are often listed as polyethylene and polyp...
New 'Beautiful Me' App Analyzes Skin Using Your Facebook Photos
Beautiful Me, a new mobile app that enables instant detection of a user's skin profile, is launching today exclusively for iOS devices. The app applies conducts a skin analysis of your Facebook photos to measure changes in facial features, makeup, aging and hair to help you better understand your...
Kiehl's & Marvel Introduce Limited Edition Captain America Triple Threat Comic
Building upon the success of their 2013 event, Kiehl's has once again teamed with Marvel Custom Solutions and enlisted a Triple Threat of Super Heroes for a Limited Edition custom Captain America comic book. The illustrations delivers an all-new adventure set in Kiehl's historic New York flagship...
Light Treatment Skin Care: How To Fight Aging, Acne, Redness & Breakouts
From Vampire Facelifts to Bee Venom Facials, we are all constantly on the search for the newest anti-aging treatment. The latest trend takes away the bizarre elements and returns to a basic concept: light. According to our resident expert Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner, this new i...
28 Days to Younger Skin: The Diet Program for Beautiful Skin This Summer
Looking for a beauty boost? This one takes 28 days and promises more beautiful skin. Why 28 days? Because according to Karen Fisher, award-winning author, former model, and nutritionist, it takes that long for your body to produce new cells in the deeper skin layers and for them to travel to th...
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