Do you ever find yourself wishing that the man in your life looked just a little bit more like the beyond-gorgeous Jon Hamm?

Good news! We have the exclusive inside scoop on how Jon Hamm's groomer Diana Schmidtke got him red carpet ready for the Emmy Awards last week. Share them with your man so he knows how to get ready for your next black tie event! 

Pre-Gaming Prep. "Red carpet or no red carpet, every man needs to be caring for his skin on a daily basis. This includes on the most basic level: cleansing the face morning and night, toning the skin, moisturizing the skin and daily application of serums, eye creams and SPF," Diana said. 

"I first cleaned Jon's skin using RéVive Cream Cleanser ($75) and then toned it with RéVive Balancing Toner ($65)."

Diana applied RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream ($195) all over Jon's face and neck. Beard or no beard, you must still cleanse and moisturize the face Diana says.

"All men love the application of moisturizers and skincare. It feels nice, like a mini little facial. But you have to be fast with men. No man likes to sit in your chair for hours," the expert groomer warned. Check out her men's grooming kit for Jon.

Eyes. "Diana uses RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum ($350) on all her clients. "The eye serum drastically helps tired eyes; it improves the delicate skin under and around eyes, leaving them refreshed!"

Facial Hair. "Using my beard trimmer, I remove stray hairs and create the perfect length and shape based off of their own face shape," Schmidtke explained.

"For red-carpet looks, I always wet shave the neck area to create the perfect lines rather than leaving the beard to grow out on its own. Beards require some maintenance in order for them to look red-carpet friendly."

Hair. Diana used hair products by American Crew. "I used the Alternator ($15) to wet the hair. I blow-dried using my fingers for the sides and back of the hair. On top, I used a medium size round brush taking random sections to create shine and a little extra volume," she said.

"I blow dried the hair back and away from the face. I finished by applying American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel ($13) through the hair for an all-day hold and effortless groomed perfect looking hair."

Done & Done. "From start to finish, the grooming process takes about 30 minutes.15 minutes for hair, 15 minutes for skin," Diana dished. "If I need to trim or cut the hair we add another 30-45 minutes and I would start with the cut."

"I take another look at the face, use concealers if needed, lip balm, and a little anti-shine. I like to use as little makeup as possible which is exactly why skincare products matter most to me." 

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