Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 1

Ladies, it's a problem we gotta help our guys with. Razor bumps and razor burn are the worst!

The balance between a close shave and razor burn that can trigger bumps, acne, and unwanted breakouts is probably the top skin care challenge men face. 

From our dads, boyfriends and hubbies, read up on the ways men can improve their shaving habits and keep skin in tip-top shape.

Did you know American men have been shaving every day for nearly a century? The habit took hold after 2 million American soldiers went to France to fight in WW1, a war in which poison gas was Germany's most feared weapon. Every U.S. soldier carried a gas mask and stayed clean-shaven so it would fit snugly.  

"Although no longer a matter of life or death, shaving is still a daily chore for approximately 71 million American men," Kyle Schroeder, co-founder and managing partner of Cremo Company, LLC, maker of Cremo Shave Cream told us.

Schroeder, a former fashion model, insists getting a close shave is especially challenging for teens with acne and men with tough beards.

"Most people with shaving issues experiment with different razors, but they don't consider what small changes in their routine, shaving technique, or shaving cream could do to stop nicks, cuts, red bumps and razor burn," said Schroeder.

To help problem shavers get a closer, more comfortable shave, Schroeder offered up a few key tips to help gys everywhere:

Shower First. Shave after, not before, showering. A warm shower will open the pores and make a comfortable shave more likely.

Shave with the Grain. Shave in the same direction as facial hair grows. Shaving against the grain gives a closer shave, but it is more likely to produce painful ingrown hairs.

Look out for the rest of the tips tomorrow for your guy to get a super close shave without the burn and the bumps.

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