Don't you just hate when you're running late and have to sacrifice your makeup in order to make up time? We hear you.

Sitting around the beauty roundtable in our office, our team members each offered up helpful ways to try and get ready for the day in no time flat.

Use these tips when you're face needs beautifying, but your train ride, bus ride, or crowded car pool doesn't afford you much wiggle room to groom.

Cell phone Camera. You likely have your phone already in hand, so why not use your camera in reverse mode to apply your makeup?

Consider it the digital compact that works just like a mirror that still lets you shoot the crucial text that you're running late.

Lip pencil over lipstick. One of the most difficult products to apply when you are crunched for time, lipstick can easily get on your teeth if your normally steady hand is under pressure.

Try a matching lip pencil instead. It's easier to apply (almost like using a lip brush), and liner is notorious for lasting longer anyway! Win-win!

Eyeliner technique. Probably the most treacherous to apply when you're rushing, this one needs a few short moments of free hands and concentration.

Use one hand to gently make your eyelid taut and keep things simple with a straight line right across. Lined eyes easy and done!

Spray your clothes the night before. This tip is perfect for the forgetful fashionista. Walking around without your favorite scent can leave you feeling incomplete for the day.

So take care of it by scenting your outfit in case you don't remember those six little spritz's in the morning.

Premix your moisturizer with foundation. A busy morning doesn't allow for time to layer on your product. Prepare your own custom hydrating makeup for quicker application. This is especially great if you use your hands to apply your lotion and makeup.

The warmth of your hands will help the makeup even out skin faster. And with your trusty antibacterial hand gel and a tissue, your palms are perfectly clean in no time.

Which tip are you taking? Tell us in a New York minute below!