You take the time to create a great look and then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and your makeup is so not cooperating. Check out these four beauty bummers we can't stand and how to try and avoid them:

- Lipstick on teeth. Since when did it become cool to rock your lip color right on your smile? Umm, never!  Like Houdini, sometimes lipstick can be the ultimate magician and appear on your pearly whites. But fear not, try to avoid this embarrassing look by first applying your lip shade with control.

Next, don't over apply after two coats. Use a lip brush, and once you're done, make an 'O' shape with your mouth, take your index finger, stick it in your mouth and pull it out. This will eliminate any extra lip color on the inner lip looking to make its way onto teeth.

- Hair caught in lip gloss. So not sexy, lip gloss can be a magnet for hairs to attach themselves and create a super sticky situation. Try to combat this snafu by simply buying a formula that totes "non-sticky" on the packaging.  Many are now made with great emollients like honey nectar that help make the feeling of the gloss way smoother. And as instructed by Michelle Phan, you can always use an ice cube to thin out the gloss and stop that sticky.

- Mascara on cheeks. The raccoon look is never in and yet your mascara sometimes wants to try and start this new trend. The best way to stop this is to limit the amount of mascara you're using. Also, be a little bit more patient and wait a few extra moments in between applications to let the first coat dry. Next try curling your lashes so the chances of becoming a raccoon during the day are far less.

- Dried nail polish in cuticles. The ultimate challenge when polishing nails is to try and get that portion of the nail bed that meets the skin without getting the lacquer onto the cuticle. That one wrong stroke can turn a hot manicure into a hot mess.

Luckily there are three ways to fix this.  You can choose to cover the outer layer of nails beforehand with a thin piece of tape, with petroleum jelly, or even Elmer's Glue. Once your nail polish is dry, you can peel any sloppy mistakes off with ease. No one will ever be the wiser!

What other beauty blunders get on your nerves?  Tell us with a note below!