How To Look & Feel Young At Any Age: Model & Makeup Artist Cindy Joseph Shares Her Secrets Part 2

Wanna know how to age gracefully and still look great? Just ask model and makeup Cindy Joseph. Check out Part One of her interview with BeautyPress and then read below as the beauty pro drops some real knowlegde on how to grow old and still look great.

What's your best advice to women who don't look forward to the inevitable aging process?

Share your fears with whose who are interested, i.e. friends, family, community. Get your thoughts and feelings out on the table. You will find most people have the same fears. Unloading will lighten you up. 

Start living for pleasure rather than obligation, duty, or what others think of you. Have gratitude and appreciation for yourself and life. If that feels like too big of a leap then find just look for one thing you find good in yourself. You may discover that will lead to one more thing, and then another. When you focus on the good, things get better. Start allowing fun and pleasure to guide you rather than fear. Aging is just another word for living!

Do you believe using "anti-aging" or preventative products from as early as your 20's are a smart decision to preserve the skins youth?

I am a pro-ager not and anti-ager. I think that wrinkles, sunspots, silver hair is beautiful! I love living my life doing things in the sunshine. My skin is an indication of that happiness. My crow's feet are an indication of the laughter and joy in my life. My silver hair is a crown I have earned by living a full passionate life. I have no desire to obliterate the story of my life from my face or body. Every stage of life brings another kind of beautiful from birth to death.

How can women learn to embrace their "beauty of the character" especially when they don't see that in themselves?

Treat yourself with the same love you would your friends and family. If your girlfriend came to you with self-discrimination, you would not agree. You would remind her how loving, beautiful, funny, caring, fun, she is. You would even take the time to point out specific traits and features you find attractive about her. And you wouldn't stop until she felt better about herself. Do that for yourself!

Your BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Trio sticks really do amplify the skin's natural glow and bring subtle color to the skin. How do you plan on expanding the product offering?

I have recently added a sensual lubricant Boom Touch and the Boomstick Mini Trio. I will also add an all-organic medicinal balm and a baby lotion that will double as a diaper rash cream. Offering healthy alternatives to what is available is my plan. 

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