Cover model and makeup artist, Cindy Joseph, is a true beauty. The stunner is also the founder and CEO of an exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant and approachable beauty, known as BOOM!

As women confront societal messages that challenge their self-esteem, Cindy is guiding them to a new path by sharing how she has come to celebrate herself and her life at every age. Check out her interview with BeautyPress and read up on her secrets for feeling young at any age.

What's your secret to remaining so flawlessly beautiful through the years?

This is a challenging question for me because the flattery is distracting. As much as I appreciate the thought, the truth is, I don't believe that any woman has flaws. The concept of women having physical flaws is simply an example of the negative judgments that prevail in our society. That concept stems from a belief that an ideal beauty exists, which sets all women up to fail because it can never be achieved.

Women are spending more time trying to look like that ideal, instead of celebrating and having fun with their own unique beauty. When I was trying to alter my features with make up, as a young girl, I never felt I was succeeding. I always fell short by always finding something wrong, i.e. "flaws." Later in life, I started the process of falling in love with myself and eventually I let all that self criticism go and started enjoying my features, shape, size, hair, and personality. My whole being started to glow from the inside out. I believe that is why I was approached on the street and asked to model at age 49. 

What products do you use daily on your beautiful gray hair?

I only use two products. Shampoo and conditioner by USANA in their Sense line. I have been using them for years. The products are very gentle on my very baby fine delicate hair. 

Can you tell us more about your "Pro-Age" philosophy?

We are convinced that we somehow loose our passion, spark, sense of adventure, and health as we age. Those things can happen at any age and not necessarily when you are over 50. I have more self-knowledge, confidence, wisdom, and strength of character, sensual know how and the list goes on. So having had this epiphany, I decided to start speaking publicly, which then birthed the Pro-age Revolution. 

The concept that there is a prime of life and it's downhill from there, is a false bill of goods we have all bought, hook line and sinker. It is an archaic paradigm that is not longer useful to us. The goodies in life do not stop at age 30, they continue until it's time to go. Right now is the prime of your life and that is something to celebrate! 

Check out Part 2 of our Cindy's interview tomorrow where she gives advice to women who don't look forward to the aging process.