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Facial Gynmastics: Tips For The Five-Minute Facial Workout
So after reading about the importance of facial gymnastics the other day, you're probably wondering what makes these acrobatics work so well. Check out these tips and fun facts, courtesy of the The 5-Minute Facial Workout:
Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Three Main Reasons For Them Explained
Many women think that dark circles are caused solely from late nights out and a lack of sleep. But in reality there may be an underlying medical reason as to why some women can never seem to get rid of them, reasons that cannot be treated with a quick application of a steeped and cooled tea bag...
Kiehl's Launches Line of Skin Care to Combat Oily Greasy Skin For Men
It is a universal issue: men around the world name oily skin as one of their key concerns. Sorry fellas! What makes them oilier? Men have more sebum-producing sebaceous glands than women, which can lead to excess shine, oil, and enlarged pores.
The Most Outrageous Anti-Aging Beauty Devices: Skin Needling Part Two
Whether you hate them or can tolerate them, needles seem to be a potential way to look younger. Check out Part Two of our interview with Dr. Marotta on skin needling:
The Most Outrageous Anti-Aging Beauty Devices: Skin Needling
Ready to learn about a freaky fad beauty treatment? Check out our latest interview on skin needling:
Weekend Beauty Tips: Best Looks To Rock For Fun Festivals
So the season of the street festivals has finally arrived! Street vendors with delicious eats, jewelry, art, music, and tons of unique little finds make every fair worth while. Check out a few of our skin, hair, and makeup tips to keep in mind when you're planning to head out for a day of street fai...
Gabrielle Union Shares Her 5 Best Beauty Tips For Skin, Makeup, and Whiter Teeth
We love beauty tips straight from the celebs. Actress Gabrielle Union recently shared a wealth of knowledge on what she does to stay gorgeously fabulous. Check out what the star told Hello Beautiful about her five best beauty tips:
Beauty's Secret Ingredient: Manuka Honey Skin Care And Health Benefits
Of the many variants of honey, New Zealand-sourced Manuka Honey is one of the most talked about recently, and for a good reason!
Try The Trend: Coconut Oil Skin Care and Hair Care
Coconut has been attracting column inches in the media recently - coconut water and coconut milk are now the 'in' refreshments and ingredients. But coconut oil is also rapidly becoming one of the most valued ingredients in skin and hair care. Okay so we're not talking peptides, AHAs, or plant ste...
Dove Launches Premium Skin Care Line for Dry Skin
Dove has officially announced the launch of Dove DermaSeries a premium skin care collection of ultra-mild cleansers and intensely moisturizing creams that are formulated to provide superior care for extremely dry, compromised skin.
Evolution Man Launches New Restore & Prevent Skin Care Duo For Guys
With Millenial men now said to be one of the new drving forces in the beauty market, EvolutionMan is debuting a new dyanmic duo for guys to try at $49. Late night? Overstressed? Now men can try the new EvolutionMan Revitalize Eye Gel. This new formula is said to be your weapon for an under eye a...
Protect Your Skin & Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Month
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, which means it's time to take a moment to check out some hard truths. According to, an expert on the subject. Check out these alarming facts:
Save Face & Sunblock Your Budget: 10 Skincare Shopping Tips - Part Two
Check out Part Two of our 10 Skincare Shopping Tips to Sunblock Your Budget below! Click here If you missed Part One:
Save Face & Sunblock Your Budget: 10 Skincare Shopping Tips
With the start of May comes National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Did you know skin cancer affects over 2 million Americans each year, and over 3.5 million forms of the disease exist? The harmful effects of sun exposure to our health and appearance are well known, but spring always...
UV Gel Manicure: Experts Warn About Potential Dangers From Ultra Violet Light
Who hasn't tried and practically fell in love with the gel manicure? We can remember the first time we only had to sit at the dryer for 5 minutes, and were mesmerized by how fast and convenient the process was! But nail junkies everywhere might wanna pump the brakes when they read this one. A ...
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