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Armpit Skin Care: How To Avoid Discoloration, Itchiness & Irritation
It's time to raise your arms ladies! Summer with soon be here and warmer temps call for sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, and exposing an area of the body that receives very little attention: Armpits! Did you know that the mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture ...
Fine Lines, Laugh Lighes, Wrinkles? Discover Your True Botox Timeline With Dr. Peter Geldner
Are you always inspecting your skin for the next new wrinkle in your crow's feet or laugh lines? Noticing fine lines that weren't there before and now you're freaking out? Either way, this has triggered a skin care, anti-aging panic and you're ready to inject the first filler your doctor recommends....
Liposuction In A Bottle: Meet New Powerferul Cream 'Lipo-Lotion'
Who needs a plastic surgeon? A powerful anti-cellulite cream has hit the market. Designed to instantly smooth dimpled skin for a sleeker, this new topical agent promises a more trimmed looking silhouette. Meet Lip-Lotion. This cream is said to deliver a noticeably better-toned texture and elas...
Beauty's Sweet Tooth: The Benefits of Chocolate Skin Care
Looking to hydrate, reverse sun damage or simply firm and tone your skin? Try chocolate! Elizabeth Garcia Founder of Elizabeth's Secret Beauty Bar is a chocolate cheerleader. Need to pamper your tired dogs? This beauty bar creator says a chocolate pedicure scrub and a chocolate mineral footbat...
Beauty Secret Ingredient: Dragon's Blood
It all started with what seems to be an elusive goal: find the best anti aging ingredient Mother Nature as to offer. Women everywhere are searching endlessly for the "next best thing" to tighten skin and fight the signs of aging at any age. With the help of herbal beauty expert Wei Brian, you can co...
Hands Give Away Age: Tips for Hand Rejuvenation From Expert Dr. Peter Geldner
Expensive facial moisturizers can help to keep your skin smooth, supple and ageless, but your face isn't the only part of your body that gives away your true age. Look a little lower and you'll see the real giveaway is your hands. In fact, most people say that a woman's hands are one of the best ...
How To Break Bad Beauty Habits: Get Skin Clear & Look Younger By Summer
Skipping a few hours of sleep, forgetting to wash your face before bed, not apply sunscreen everyday all seem so innocent right? But odds are, at least one of these habits in your daily routine are the cause of breakouts, crow's feet, flakey or discolored skin. Fortunately, the fixes are simple! By ...
Decoding the Beauty Aisle: Sophie Uliano Talks 'Green' Beauty Products
Sophie Uliano, NY Times bestselling author and natural lifestyle/beauty expert knows all there is about how to crack the 'go green' beauty code. With celebrity fans like Julia Roberts, Sophie has become the go-to "green guru" to Hollywood stars on living a greener life while looking great. Check out...
New PocketDerm App Lets You Upload Photos To Dermatologist For Professional Acne Treatment
So with all the beauty apps out there, where has this one been all our digital lives? Meet PocketDerm, the first online prescription acne treatment for your computer or smartphone. Co-Founders, Board-Certified Dermatologists Nancy Satur and David Lortscher came together to create a unique in...
Beauty Editor Brain Power: The Business of Beauty, Rising Trends and Consumer Behavior
Want the scoop on the hottest beauty prducts from an seasoned vet? Ask Kathleen Hou! She is the Beauty Editor at New York Magazine's The Cut. Check out what Kathleen had to tell BeautyPress about what every gal should have in her beauty bag:
Microdermabrasion At Home: PMD Debuts 5 New Color Options
PMD, the at home microderm device featured on The Doctors, The View, Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show is now offering its cool skin care devise in 5 new colors available for its fans including pink, purple, blue, teal and black. The PMD hand tool is a professional-caliber skin care system...
Murad Launches Two New Blemish Fighting Spot Treatments to Zap Acne
Blemishes in need of something new to banish them? Consider the newbies from Murad. Acne products can be pretty harsh. But Murad is promising to help quickly zap acne without stripping the overall health of the skin. The brand is said to have launched its most effective acne products to date....
How Not To Look Tired or Old: Physician Shares 3 Ways Our Face Can Lie About Us
Social science experts agree -- much of what we "say" is never actually spoken. "Facial expressions and other body language account for more than half of our communication," says Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.,, an international Oculoplastic surgeon who's been featured on "The Dr. ...
Acne Treatments: Fight Breakouts With Clear BI-LIGHT Anti Aging LED Treatment
Tired of adult acne? Consider this little device to help get skin back into shape. Adult acne can be super annoying, but if there's hope for every teenager out there, any grown-up can clear things up too. A clinical study shows that treating the skin with a combination of special blue+red ligh...
Can't Sleep? New Study Reveals Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Brain Damage
So by now our regular readers know we here at BWN truly believe in the power of beauty sleep. Getting the proper amount of rest can be vital to keeping skin in tip-top shape, free of wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and that pesky puffiness we all dread. But a new study out this week proves just ...
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