Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Three Main Reasons For Them Explained

Many women think that dark circles are caused solely from late nights out and a lack of sleep.

But in reality there may be an underlying medical reason as to why some women can never seem to get rid of them, reasons that cannot be treated with a quick application of a steeped and cooled tea bag.

Dr. John Martin, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon based in Miami, has identified three of the main reasons why people get dark circles and what they can do to reduce their appearance almost permanently with non-invasive cosmetic treatments: 

Darker pigmented skin: This means your dark circles are genetically caused. Skin is very thin under the eyes, so the muscle underneath is more visible especially if the skin is a darker pigment 

Solutions: 1. Really good concealer, laser treatment to lighten skin, such as IPL device MaxG, or prescription bleaching creams. 

Hollowness in the lower eyelid: Also called "the tear trough."  When people have this anatomic shape, the area is sunken and therefore looks dark.

Solution: Have a licensed cosmetic surgeon fill the area with cosmetic filler such as Belotero or Restylane, to lift the skin up, giving it the appearance of looking lighter.    

Prolapsed orbital fat: This occurs when there are fat bags in the lower lids. As the fat moves forward in the lid, it will cast a shadow and make the skin below it look dark.  

Solution: This can be improved by putting cosmetic filler below the fat to blend in and even out the area. Surgery can also be considered to move the fat further down away from the lower lid to make the area smooth and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Dr. Martin also warns that for all treatment requiring lasers, creams, or fillers consult a cosmetic surgeon licensed in the US.

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