Facial Gynmastics: Tips For The Five-Minute Facial Workout

So after reading about the importance of facial gymnastics the other day, you're probably wondering what makes these acrobatics work so well. Check out these tips and fun facts, courtesy of the The 5-Minute Facial Workout:

  • The first signs of aging are wrinkles in the skin. These are accentuated by facial movements and expressions that are repetitive and unconscious.
  • As a result of gravity and slacking muscles, the skin on the face will also sag.
  • By working the muscles on the face, facial gymnastics help to counter sagging and withering tissue.
  • Working the muscles on your face on a regular basis is so effective, it is recommended by the medical profession.
  • Over time, muscle fibers loosen and stretch, lengthening up to 50%.
  • There are more than 50 muscles on your face, so working on them will end with remarkable results.
  • Working the muscles in your lower ace helps life your features, refine your skin, sculpt your cheeks, plump up your lips and firm the skin around your neck.
  • Exercising muscles in the middle of your face will improve facial structure, pull up the cheekbones, round out the cheeks and prevent the formation of crow's feet and nasolabial folds.
  • Working on the upper face helps to relax your eyelids, prevents frown lines and supports the skin of your forehead and temples, which is essential in maintaining muscle tone in all of your features.
  • Did you know, men's skin is 20-25% thicker than women's? Male hormones prevent premature wrinkling!
  • Repeated daily shaving helps men rid their skin of dead cells, thus encouraging cell renewal.
  • In the end, however, men tend to catch up with women when it comes to wrinkles (sorry, guys!). 

Ready to try a little facial gymnastics? Let us know with a note below!

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