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Weekend Beauty Tips: Best Looks To Rock For Fun Festivals
So the season of the street festivals has finally arrived! Street vendors with delicious eats, jewelry, art, music, and tons of unique little finds make every fair worth while. Check out a few of our skin, hair, and makeup tips to keep in mind when you're planning to head out for a day of street fai...
Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh
So now that we've finally shed the winter hats and hoods, it's time to give hair the attention it deserves! And there's nothing quite like having big voluminous hair. We decided to help kick off the holiday weekend by tapping Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Salon in South Beach for a few new hot tip...
Try The Trend: Coconut Oil Skin Care and Hair Care
Coconut has been attracting column inches in the media recently - coconut water and coconut milk are now the 'in' refreshments and ingredients. But coconut oil is also rapidly becoming one of the most valued ingredients in skin and hair care. Okay so we're not talking peptides, AHAs, or plant ste...
The Toothbrush Hair Secret: Celebrity Hair Stylist Angelo David Shares Expert Tips
Who isn't always looking for a hot new beauty tip? This week on Veria Living Live Celebrity Hair Stylist Angelo David popped by the Veria Living studios with Host Sonia Baghdady and guest co-host Candice Kumai to demo a dramatic head-to-toe makeover with donations to Locks of Love. The expert was...
Beauty On-The-Go For Busy Women: 4 Get Ready Quick Time Savers To Try
Being beautiful on the go is possible! We were going over our respective beauty routines and found every gal has a way to make the process go by faster and turn our just as fabulous. Check out a few of our tips for making your prep time quicker and easier:
The Hair Growth Cycle Revealed Part Two: Expert Anna Urban Shares the Truth On Tresses
Check out Part Two of our The Hair Growth Cycle interview with expert Ann Urban below!
The Hair Growth Cycle Revealed: Expert Anna Urban Shares the Truth On Tresses
Anna Urban, Co-Founder of Aviva, allowed us to pick her braina bout all things hair growth. Check out our two-part interview below where we ask all your burning questions:
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Naya Rivera
Actress and Glee star, Naya Rivera may be getting over a nasty break up from ex-fiancé and rapper Big Sean, but the actress can find solace in the fact that she never has a bad hair day. Now this kind of luck, even in Tinseltown, is still hard to come by. From split ends, to flyaways, heat damag...
Split Ends, Dull, Dry, or Damaged Hair? Jenny Balding Solves Your Hair Care Dilemmas
We love beauty tips, but sometimes it can be hard to remember them all! Check out these crib notes on the most popular hair woes we all suffer from, thanks to Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding. The expert is back and shared with us how we can all overcome the five most common hair problems that br...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: The Cast of TNT's Dallas
Ever wonder what goes into making the stars of TNT's Dallas look so picture perfect. Well, among the secrets on set, we've learned that hair care brand Dear Clark is a big time hit with the cast. We recently sat down with the founders of the Teaxs based salon and learned just why their products are ...
Celebrity Get the Look: Cindy Crawford
Oprah Winfrey opened up the "Oprah's Lifeclass" studio to Cindy Crawford, making her the first ever guest teacher on the series. For her hosting duties at the social lab studio in Chicago, celebrity hairstylist and owner of George the salon, George Gonzalez traveled to HARPO Studios to style the sta...
Herbal Life: Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair with "The Hollywood Pill Doctor" Paula Simpson
So Paula Simpson, a.k.a 'The Hollywood Pill Doctor' dished on what supplements celebs use to stay fabulous, and now she's back with some more must have beauty knowledge. Wanna grow your hair longer, stronger, and healthier? Consider using natural herbs! Check out which Paula recommends below:
Beauty Editor Brain Power: The Business of Beauty, Rising Trends and Consumer Behavior
Want the scoop on the hottest beauty prducts from an seasoned vet? Ask Kathleen Hou! She is the Beauty Editor at New York Magazine's The Cut. Check out what Kathleen had to tell BeautyPress about what every gal should have in her beauty bag:
Fight The Fade: How To Get Your Hair Color Back with Expert Stylist Kyle White
We love a beauty expert that can hit us with a few great must-know tips and stylist Kyle White is definitely that guy. The hair care guru's tips on how to keep gray hair away went over so well, that we decided to tap him one more time for extra advice on how to keep color-treated hair looking its be...
Five Tips for Healthier Hair: How To Stay Flake Free, Promote Growth & Seal Hair
Hair should be every woman's best accessory, but at its worst, it's frizzy, dull, dry, and well-pretty much a nightmare! Fortunately, there are easy fixes for healthier hair. Spending five minutes to optimize your grooming routine can leave hair silky smooth, perfectly coifed, or softly curled. Chec...
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