Being beautiful on the go is possible! We were going over our respective beauty routines here at the office and found every gal has a way to make the process go by faster and turn our just as fabulous. Check out a few of our tips for making your prep time quicker and easier:

Baby Wipes. A staffer picked up this tip from reality star and Skinny Girl mogul Bethenny Frankel. After having her daughter, the famed talk show host recommended using baby wipes to quickly remove her makeup as a busy new mom. We immediately tried out her tip and we have to agree, these work great!

Baby wipes are more inexpensive that traditional makeup remover wipes and packaged so you get way more for your money. These are great to use to wipe away makeup after a long day. Use 2-3 wipes and they're sure to remove the majority of a full face of makeup.

Spritzer Bottle. The possibilities of this great beauty tool are endless. Instead of layering in your hair products one by one, take a little time to combine them into this container. This works especially well if you're a fan of natural oils used to nourish and enrich both hair and scalp. Mix a few capfuls together, add water, and you've saved a ton of hair care time.

Pore Strips. Typically these are used to remove blackheads and indulge in a little at-home spa skin care, but these strips also work great if you have any unwanted facial hairs too. Instead of painful or irritating hair removal products, these pore strips also work well for taking away small hairs that grow on the chin, around the mouth, and nose.

Stained Lip Balm. What seems like a mess can be a lifesaver! If you love matte lipstick, you know you must moisturize your pout before you pucker up and add color. If you reapply your chapstick over the lip shade during the day, it often stains your balm.

This can be annoying at times, but when you're in a rush and can only apply one or the other, it's your best friend. Reserve your stained lip balm for your matte lipstick, so when you're in a rush, you can use your messy chapstick to get the color and hydration your lips need all at once!

What other beauty time savers do you live by? Tell us with a note below!