Make room on your vanity and tell those glossy, glittery, and sparkly shades to step aside. The trend of the moment is definitely all about matte makeup.

Matte shades have taken the beauty world storm. If you're a beloved beauty junkie like us, you have likely seen how popular this finish has become. From lips, to eyes, nails, and skin, the look is muted, smooth and/or natural. And with the seasonal look for fall all about minimal makeup, matte products are a perfect way to ensure you're up on this quietly fierce trend.

World-renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath agrees. In a recent interview with Vogue Magazine, Pat explained the method behind the muted makeup madness. "You're stepping away from that dewy, glossy thing that were used to," she explained. "Nowadays, you require a flawless finish. People want to look more done, more finished -- even if they want to look natural."

Natural makeup is big these days. In a digital world, with so many ways to share photos and videos, a girl's gotta look fabulous without giving away all the work she put in. With tons of tutorials on how to take the best selfie, what tips can you takeaway to make the most of the matte trend? Try these on for size:

1. Remember that matte makeup doesn't mean washing yourself out. Makeup artist Dick Page dispeled the notion of matte being thought of a bland and boring in the September issue of Vogue. "The technology caught up with the idea," he said. "Whereas eighties mattes were really heavy, which pretty much equaled opaque, that's not the case anymore." So going matte doesn't mean going back in time. Simply choose your shade and the finish and your naturally flawless.

2. Going matte doesn't mean you have to look like a zombie either. Pat McGrath supports this anti-Halloween concept too. "Today it's not about death-matte, it's living matte!" she said. Choosing this finish allows for fun color play. Mattify skin and make eyes pop like makeup artist Jo Strettel did for actress Lena Dunham's look at the 2013 Emmy Awards. With bright turquoise eyeshadow that stunned on the red carpet at the Emmy's, Lena's look proves matte can make you look stand out in a god way.

3. Matte lipstick will always be in, especially when it comes to classic crimsons. The only tip you need to remember here is to keep lips moisturized and hydrated, as a matte finish in a bright shade can highlight dryness.

4. And for nails, matte polishes are taking manicures everywhere by storm. You can create matte nails using steam, or opt for an easy-to-use matte topcoat. From deep dark shades to eye-popping metallics, matte polish does not discriminate! Play with colors and see what this finish can do to change up every color you own.

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