Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh

So now that we've finally shed the winter hats and hoods, it's time to give hair the attention it deserves! And there's nothing quite like having big voluminous hair. We decided to help kick off the holiday weekend by tapping Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Salon in South Beach for a few new hot tips on how to take hair up a sexy notch:

Raphael tell us, how can we flaunt full and voluminous hair 24-7?

To flaunt full and voluminous hair all day and into the night, it is vital to use a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo keeps hair fresh and eliminates oil. We always use dry shampoo at fashion shows and events when maximum volume is a must.

A great root lifter is also ideal to achieve a lot of body. Apply the root lifter before blow-drying and if you wish to elongate a full hairstyle, go back to your dry shampoo.

How do we get over the fear of cutting layers into our hair?

To get over the fear of cutting layers into the hair, women just need to know the facts about layers. Short layers take away from the hair. The more short layers you create, the more hair you get rid of hair. However long layers are key to achieve body!

Long layers allow you to keep over length but create beautiful movement, shape and height. Longer layers are also ideal because women can still pull their hair back in ponytail, use rollers, a curling iron, etc. 

If our hair is always big and full, will it eventually damage our hair?

The best ways to prevent damage to your hair is to take care of it. Use good quality products and treat your hair well. Get a trim every 2 months. Keep in mind that heating tools can damage hair too.

Products to protect your hair include a good shampoo, mask, and an oil treatment for scalp & hair. If you treat hair well, then you can safely use hair spray, dry shampoo & root lifter to achieve voluminous tresses. I always recommend Rene Furterer products.

Look out for more of Raphael's tips on Wednesday!

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