Who isn't always looking for a hot new beauty tip?

This week on Veria Living Live, celeb stylist Angelo David popped by the studio to demo a dramatic head-to-toe makeover with donations to Locks of Love. The expert was generous enough to also offer up a few tips to getting great hair, including tricks using every day household items to tame a wild mane. Do tell!

Angelo David is the Owner and Creative Director of Angelo David Salon in New York City and is a true hair illusionist. His experience with hair led Angelo to discover that hair health issues often begin inside the body, not on the surface. So what tips did Angelo offer up that we just had to share?

Tip 1 - "What you take in is what you take out," the stylist explained. "Healthy eating, fitness regimen and lifestyle, and proper nutritional supplements are the best thing you can do for your hair."

Tip 2 - Angelo also advises that for an added hair care bonus, try shampooing your hair twice for healthier tresses.

Tip 3 - And for those pesky flyaways, Angelo has a unique solution! "Tame flyaway hairs by spraying an unused toothbrush with hairspray and you'll be able to use the toothbrush as a comb on that head to tackle frizz," he said. Genius!

Tip 4 - Hair still not cooperating? Try this. "To really take it to the next level of frizz taming, spray a dryer sheet with hairspray to flatten the flyaways down."

Loving the random, but oh-so-needed advice! 

Do you suffer from annoying flyways and frizz? Planning on trying these tips out? Tell us with a note below!