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rice water
Rice Water for Hair: Is It Effective?
Does rice water truly live up to the hype? Let's explore the facts and beliefs and understand whether rice water can genuinely transform your hair.
Odele's First Brand Campaign 'Get Along With Your Hair' Celebrates Lifelong Hair Journeys
A recent Wakefield Research study of 1,000 women over 18 found that 68% said their hair's appearance influences their day, while 92% often struggle with their hair.
GK Summer hair trend
Supercharge Your Hair's Hydration This Summer With These Products
Just as you adapt your skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated during the summer months, your hair also needs extra attention to maintain its moisture and health.
Plated Hair Serum
Rion Aesthetics Introduces Plated Hair Serum With Platelet-Derived Exosomes
Utilizing the company's proprietary Renewosome exosome technology, this new product aims to help hair appear fuller, thicker, and stronger.
Is Olive Oil Really Safe To Use On The Face?
Is Olive Oil the Key to Strong, Shiny Hair? Here's What You Need to Know
Let's delve deeper into why olive oil might be the secret ingredient your haircare routine has been missing.
Rihanna Fenty Hair
Fenty Hair: Rihanna Expands Beauty Empire With Haircare Line
Fenty Hair offers products designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair.
GK Hair
GK Hair Champions Safe Beauty With Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Haircare Innovations
The company's innovative approach ensures consumers can achieve beautiful hair without compromising on their health or the environment.
Hally Hair x Ulta
Hally Hair Expands Nationwide With Launch in All Ulta Beauty Stores
Hally Hair products are now available in 324 Ulta Beauty stores across the country as well as on
Verb Curl Defining Mask
Verb Releases New Curl Defining Mask With Sunflower Formulation
This lightweight mask not only deeply moisturizes curls but also aids in retaining their natural pattern while effectively combating frizz.
What are Salt Sprays?
What Are Salt Sprays?
Learn what salt sprays do and the type that suits your haircare routine.
Clean Hair Care Choices for Sensitive Scalps
Clean Haircare Choices for Sensitive Scalps
Discover clean haircare for sensitive scalps using natural, plant-based products that avoid harsh chemicals, promoting scalp health and reducing irritation.
Rosemary Infused Hair Care Choices - Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil
Rosemary-Infused Haircare Choices
Discover the benefits of rosemary-infused haircare products, from soothing the scalp to promoting thicker, healthier hair.
Hydrolyzed Keratin Masks
Hydrolyzed Keratin Masks Are the Key to Restoring Your Natural Shine
See our top picks.
Blue & Violet Shampoo: When to Use
Blue and Violet Shampoo: When to Use
Discover the key differences between blue and violet shampoo, essential for maintaining vibrant hair color and combating unwanted brassiness.
the benefits of popular hair oils
These Buzzy Hair Oils Are the Key to Healthy and Shiny Hair
This quick guide will help you find the right type for your texture and needs.
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