Plated Hair Serum

(Photo : Rion Aesthetics)

Rion Aesthetics has announced the release of its innovative Plated Hair Serum, marking a significant advancement in hair and scalp care. 

Utilizing the company's proprietary exosome technology, this new product aims to help hair appear fuller, thicker, and stronger.

The Plated Hair Serum represents the first application of Renewosome technology, previously acclaimed for its skin-renewing benefits, to hair care. This cutting-edge technology leverages platelet-derived exosomes, known for their regenerative properties, to deliver nutrients directly to the scalp.

In clinical trials, the Hair Serum has shown promising results. Within six months, 90% of participants reported notable improvements in scalp coverage, the brand said. 

The serum's formula combines a high concentration of platelet-derived exosomes with biotin, sea moss, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, and a state-of-the-art antioxidant blend. These ingredients work synergistically to enhance scalp health and promote the appearance of denser hair.

Alisa Lask, CEO of Rion Aesthetics, highlighted the significance of this development. 

"Rooted in over 15 years of forward-thinking science, Plated Hair Serum is a milestone in hair-care innovation, offering a breakthrough solution to turn back the clock on the appearance of thinning hair," she stated. "We are incredibly proud to extend the reach of our advanced Renewosome technology by introducing the first and only hair serum with platelet-derived exosomes, clinically proven to promote fuller-looking hair."

The serum is designed to address the concerns of individuals unhappy with thinning hair. By utilizing proprietary platelet-derived exosomes, the serum delivers essential nutrients to the scalp, reducing the appearance of shedding and breakage. It also hydrates the scalp, enhancing the overall volume and natural shine of the hair.

To use the product, apply it to the affected scalp area and avoid washing hair for at least an hour post-application. 

The serum can be used on both wet and dry hair and should be applied once daily. A single bottle typically lasts about two months, with visible results expected within three to six months. The serum is also suitable for all hair types.

The Plated Hair Serum is now available for purchase at aesthetic offices nationwide and online.