Celebrity Beauty Secrets: The Cast of TNT's Dallas

Ever wonder what goes into making the stars of TNT's Dallas look so picture perfect. Well, among the secrets on set, we've learned that hair care brand Dear Clark is a big time hit with the cast. We recently sat down with the founders of the Texas based salon and learned just why their products are a go-to for set stylists. Check out the secrets they reveal, plus the expert tips they share below!

On the set of "Dallas," why is Dear Clark such a hair care favorite?            

Because it works! The formula adds shine and moisture without weighing down the hair and products can be applied wet or touched up on dry hair. The production company made an effort to use as many Texas based products and companies while filming too, so we were a perfect fit!

Which stars of the show are big fans of the brand?         

Linda Gray and Emma Bell are really big fans of the line.      

What's the secret to keeping a star's hair fresh and flyaway free on camera?   

On set, there is plenty of Dear Clark Wash and Rinse ($22 each) to help keep the tresses of every star fresh. Plus, all the products that are blown into hair. Depending on the hair texture of the actor, we apply Smoothing Elixir and blow dry tresses smooth. The key is a clean smooth blow out. This is best achieved by working wet to dry. Power drying can cause fly always and make it hard to achieve a nice smooth cuticle in small sections. Don't be afraid to throw a few Velcro rollers in to get that Texas hair too!

We hear filming can last for hours on end. What product helps make touch-ups easy?  

Definitely the Smoothing Elixir ($24). We use it on dry hair while working on set. The lights are hot and can wreak havoc on even the best hair! Stylists take a dab of smoothing elixir on a small brush and smooth flyaways. A nice workable hairspray is always good to have handy as well. 

When did you realize Dear Clark was a hit with the Dallas cast?

The hair stylist on set starting using the line this season to style the cast, and they all quickly became fans. When Linda Gray requested more product, soon after we had given her a full set to try.

How can we get the look of the picture-perfect hair featured on Dallas?

It all starts with product usage and application. Then use directional blow drying to get ultimate root control and lift. Make sure the hair dryer is always drying in the direction that the hair is moving. Polish the look off with a round brush for control, shine, and a silky finish. Whatever you do, don't power dry it. It takes a little longer but your style will last longer as well. 

Any shampoo, conditioning, or styling techniques we should try?

Shampoo the roots and condition the ends.  It is also a good idea to do the scissor technique between your fingers while the conditioner is on to help emulsify the conditioner into the hair shaft and get the hair follicle going in the same direction.

Any additional tips and tricks?

Always us a thermal protector. It goes a long way. And one more thing: always use a nozzle on your blow dryer. It concentrates the airflow and helps smooth the cuticle down easier.

Are you a fan of Dallas? Have you tried Dear Clark yet? Tell us with a note below!

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