Actress and Glee star, Naya Rivera may be getting over a nasty break up from ex-fiancé and rapper Big Sean, but the actress can find solace in the fact that she never has a bad hair day.

Now this kind of luck, even in Tinseltown, is still hard to come by. From split ends, to flyaways, heat damage, and the threat of dulling tresses, it's hard to avoid a less than stellar hair moment, but Naya always manages to have it all in place and looking great. So just how does she and her glam team do it?

In a recent interview, Tena Parker Baker, hairstylist on Glee, revealed that her top backstage secret for Naya is the White Sands Orchids Hair Oil to style Rivera on set.

"Santana's look has changed, explained Baker. "It used to be a high, Cheerios ponytail. But after she graduated, it became free-flowing, so for the many onset hair changes, I keeps the actress's locks shiny with White Sands Orchid Oil."

Priced at $25, this Orchid oil extract restores moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has become damaged from chemical treatments, and thermal stress. White Sands' interest in Orchids for hair was inspired from studies that have shown the orchid's mysterious capacity for longevity, beauty, and its versatility to adjust to different environments with vibrant color. Orchid oil is very lightweight, and unlike most other oils, it does not affect the hairs ability to perform when styling.

But not all hair secrets used on the set of Glee are product based. Since Naya is one to experiment with her hair in real life, Baker created consistency for her character by designing a full lace wig! "A crew member was once amazed that Naya went from blonde to brunette so quickly," she laughed. "I just told him I have a magic wand!

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