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How to Stop Foundation From Caking
How to Stop Foundation From Caking
Caking happens sometimes, but this does not mean you'll have to ditch your foundation. Instead, here are some ways to stop caking.
nail care
Caring for Your Nails in Between Salon Visits
Don't let your manicure go to waste!
TikTok trend
'I'm Cold' Makeup: How to Do TikTok's Frosty Beauty Trend
Give yourself a winter wonderland appearance!
 Patrick Ta and Alessandra Ambrosio
Patrick Ta Reveals Skincare Secret, Favorite 2023 Makeup Look and More
The celebrity makeup artist said juicing is "great for clear skin."
Woman washing face
Here's How Long You Should Be Washing Your Face, According to Beauty Experts
If you believe that washing time has no impact on your skincare routine, some experts would disagree.
Daphne Selfe
World's Oldest Model Daphne Selfe Reveals Secrets Behind Youthful Appearance
“I like a glass of champagne," the 95-year-old fashion industry vet said.
makeup artist
MUA Says These 3 Simple Makeup Tricks Will Make You Look More Attractive
According to TikTok beauty content creator Jennifer Belle, these tricks will work for everyone.
Six Ways You Might Be Accidentally Ruining Your Skin
10 Beauty Tips and Tricks Experts and Models Swear By
Here are 10 beauty tips and tricks from models and experts to help you improve your skincare and makeup habits.
Biggest Secrets to Look Effortlessly Chic for Date Night this Valentine’s Day
4 Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup Tricks
Here are the tips and secrets to look effortlessly chic and get that unforgettable date you've always imagined.
Makeup Hacks: Running Late for Your Zoom Meeting? Try This Easy Beauty Tips
Running Late for Your Meeting? Try These Easy Beauty Tips
These hacks are perfect for those days that you are running late and have no time for extensive makeup.
How to Achieve Inner Beauty
How to achieve true beauty -- inner beauty.
Hillary Clinton Sports New Pixie Haircut And The Internet Has Gone Wild About It
Hillary Clinton got a new pixie cut with bangs on International Women's Day and it looks amazing.
Foundation That Adds 10 Years, Common Mistakes in Application
Foundation might be making the complexion appear older if not used correctly
Several Weird Things That Happen After You Stop Washing Your Hair
Several weird things that happen after stop washing hair and what can be done
Say Goodbye to Dry and Clumping Mascara
Ways on how to avoid clumps on your mascara
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