Just like nail polish, each time a tube of mascara is uncapped, it inevitably gets drier and clumps would appear. Undoubtedly, humidity, weather, the storage, and other conditions are the reason.

If the expired date is near, dumping it will be the best option. However, if the tube dried out long before its expiry date, and the price is expensive, it will be a pity to throw it away. Fortunately, there are several ways to make it feel like new every time you uncap it.

According to Marie Claire, mascara will feel like new again and without clumps just by putting a few eye drops into the tube, between two and four drops, using a clean mascara wand to stir, and shaking the tube briefly. Be sure to always use a new and safe eye drop to prevent bacteria from entering the tube. Consult doctor if there is still any doubt whether the eye drop is safe or not.

Water at room temperature may produce a similar effect, but for waterproof mascara, more clumps will be created. On the other hand, according to Today, warm or even hot water can help break the clumps. The trick is to insert the tightly closed tube into a glass of warm or hot water, and let it sit for about two or three minutes.

It would be very helpful if the two simple tips above can prevent the still decent mascara from going into the dumpster, but what about the non-decent ones?

According to StyleCaster and Makeup, be sure to always check the expiry date on the tube, since the biggest factor of clumping mascara is having far exceeded the expired date. This is very dangerous, because it can expose the eyes to bacterial infections, and cakey lashes, of course. Word of advice, the next time someone buys a new mascara, that person should remember to write the expiry date on the side of the tube with a permanent marker. And after four or five months, whether its been run out or not, throw away the old tube and buy the new one.