makeup artist (Photo : Pexels/Sergey Makashin)

There are three simple and easy makeup tricks that will make anyone look instantly hotter, according to a professional makeup artist.

Jennifer Belle, owner of Belle Studio, recently shared the trio of beauty tips in a TikTok video, in which she confidently asserted that these steps can "significantly" enhance anyone's attractiveness.

"The hotness trifecta [fire emoji]," Belle captioned the video. "These small things make everyone look more attractive."

"Even if this is not your own personal style, give these tips a try when you need to just look hot," the beauty content creator said.

Belle began by demonstrating what she termed the "rockstar effect."

First, she wielded her inky, black eyeliner, skillfully tracing the bottom waterline of her eye from end to end. Then, she expertly "smudged" bronzer underneath her lower lashes using a brush, effortlessly evoking the edgy vibe of a rockstar.

"Even if you have small eyes, you can still do this," the TikToker said. "It's not gonna close them; it's just gonna make you sultry."

For the second technique, dubbed the "crescent moon effect," Belle formed a "C" shape with her hand beside her face, pinpointing the area for bronzer application.

Using a bigger blush brush, she adeptly swept bronzer along her cheekbone, seamlessly extending it toward the side of her forehead near the eye, crafting the illusion of a sculpted, defined look.

"You're going to take your bronzer and shade in the shape of a crescent moon around your face, from your temple to your cheek," Belle said. 

To achieve a radiant glow, the pro makeup artist grabbed a golden metallic highlighter. She lightly tapped her finger into the highlighter and put some over the bronzer, following the crescent moon shape she had previously created.

To complete the "hotness trifecta," Belle showed the "heart effect" by using a pink lip liner shade slightly darker than her lipstick.

The makeup artist outlined a heart shape on her upper lip, tracing along the cupid's bow. She also lined the lower center of her bottom lip. This technique helps accentuate the form of the lips. 

"You're just going to take your lip liner and draw the shape of a heart in the center of your lips," she said. "If you press your lips together, you can see exactly where that heart should be."

For the finishing touch, the TikToker grabbed a lip gloss and applied it over the center part of her lips, achieving that desired dewy sheen. 

"And that's it, try these tips when you need to be extra," Belle concluded the video.