The concept of true beauty is not limited to physical characteristics that build up outer beauty. There is also the state of mind that build up the person's inner beauty. Unfortunately the latter tends to be ignored.

Inner beauty comes from within, it is not defined by artificial attribute to the physical body, like the brand of clothes or the makeup. Inner beauty is the result of celebrating the spirit of womanhood to find natural beauty and fill life with joy, liberation, and delight.

According to Times of Oman, one of many ways to enhance inner beauty is to smile often and laugh heartily. Smiling releases endorphins that make people happier and livelier, and in return other people around them as well. Frowning and being sad is far from appealing. Laughing heartily also helps expand the lungs, stretches body muscles, and maintain mental stability.

The Elephant Journal added that being kind and compassionate also brings out inner beauty. The virtue of being loving and being loved really can be seen from the shine in the eyes that will charm other people around.

However, if sometimes there are uncomfortable feelings such as anger, frustration, doubt or fear, it is best not to hold onto them. Through self-observation, analysis, and comprehension the damage of the negative feelings, shift and extract them from the body and mind. Soul nourishment like praying and meditation embrace the negativity, enhance inner beauty, and boost confidence.

The effect of being beautiful from the inside is more eternal, indeed, and is something that truly defines people. "If you know and love the entirety of a person - their face, body and soul - the outside beauty perhaps becomes less relevant and a different kind of attractiveness overshadows the rest," as philosopher Tobias Hürter tells Life Links.

The key toward a true beauty is a balance between inner and outer beauty.