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Beauty Tips: How to Fight Static Hair
When our strands succumb to static, isn't it a sad feeling that leads straight to a bad hair day? There's only so much maintenance we can do to our mane when winter swoops in. The minute the temperature drops and the air becomes dry, negatively-charged electrons fly off your hair.
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: 'Blurred Lines' Video Vixen, Elle Evans
Robin Thicke's, Blurred Lines, video was the chart-topping song of the summer and is still making waves thanks to the unforgettable performance of the catchy tune at the latest MTV Video Music Awards. If you're loving the music video, then you probably recognize the gorgeous leggy blonde between Thi...
Sephora Introduces In-Store Beauty Classes
Sephora announced the launch of their new program, Sephora University Beauty Classes at more than 60 stores throughout the U.S. on Thursday.
Real Techniques Creator and U.K.'S #1 YouTube Beauty Guru Samantha Chapman's Hottest Fall Makeup Looks
We know how quickly the summer heat can cool down when fall hits. But Real Techniques creator and the U.K.'s #1 YouTube beauty guru, Samantha Chapman, has some fab ideas for keeping your glow from turning gloomy. Check out the above slideshow for her trio of trendy makeup looks to take you easily fr...
Labor Day 2013: It Works! Global Shares Six Tips For Looking Your Best
Beauty junkies, summer isn't over yet! There's still one last hurrah on the way this Labor Day weekend, so shouldn't you look and feel your best?
Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands Shares How to Fake a Super Bright Smile With Lipstick
Don't we all lust after super bright, pearly whites? Stars with amazing smiles like Kristen Bell definitely make us all brush a few extra minutes longer. There's nothing like a great white grin, and that beautiful smile may be just a lipstick shade away! Want whiter teeth? Celebrity dentist, Dr. Kev...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Beyonce
So we are all still reeling from the shot Beyoncé posted to her Instagram this week, sporting an all-new, short blonde pixie haircut. After picking our jaws up off the floor, we did however, spot the image of a certain hair care product on B's vanity. Being the inquisitive beauty junkies that we...
5 Tips To Turn Rest Into Beauty Sleep
Shouldn't every beauty junkie also be a sleeping beauty? We worry so much about our looks during the day, but what about those crucial hours where rest is the best way to recharge our beauty regime? Are you doing everything to maximize that shuteye? Here are few tips to keep in mind where you're rea...
4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Foundation From MUD Cosmetics
Has shopping for foundation ever made you feel as if you're drowning in a sea of buff with no clear way to sand? Are you baffled by how one company's ivory looks eerily similar to another brand's porcelain? Have no fear the industry-experienced makeup artists at Make-up Designory (MUD) are here to h...
Beauty Secrets: Amazing Skin Effects of Algae
Beauty junkies, did you know that tons of skin products have algae in them? Those stanky little sea creatures have made their way to beauty shelves everywhere.
Try the Trend: Rice Bran and Asian Nightingale Feces Facial
Okay feces on the face: Disgusting. But so many people are getting down with bird poop and Rice Bran facials. Though we hear it works fab wonders, this is rated R for repulsiveness!
Beauty How To: Drew Barrymore's Flower Makeup Tips for Stunning Poolside Looks [VIDEO]
Drew Barrymore gives us more glam, advice and tips for a triple shot of beauty every week. We're totally into her Tips Tuesday!
Try the Trend: Katie Holmes Uses Snail Slime, Ready to Get a Snail Facial?
We know what is your first thought: YUCK! Those nasty-little things that tear up your garden are the last thing you want on your face. But, what if getting down with a little snail slime had some fab benefits?
Editor's Picks: Beauty World Editor, Kim West Shares Her Weekly Favorites
Greetings Beauty World News readers. How do you blue? This week, I was inspired by our blue lipstick story, so I decided to recommend my own set of blue hued beauty picks! Whether prepping your face, lips, or nails, a shade of blue is always cool (pun intended). Check out my picks in the slidesho...
Beauty Tips: Bobbi Brown Talks Foundation and Concealer
Are you ready for some mind-blowing makeup tips? You can thank us after reading the following:
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