With her celebrity clientele including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, and Mila Kunis, celebrity makeup artist, Terri Apanasewicz, is full of beauty secrets and tips we are just dying to know.  Among the many famous faces Terri glams up is country music super star, Faith Hill.  The blonde bombshell is known for her fabulous skin and versatile looks.  From a super smoky eye to barely there makeup, Terri makes Faith's flawless beauty even that more impeccable.  Read on to learn about the looks Faith loves, Terri's tips for getting Faith's flawless skin for yourself, and click through the slideshow to see some of Faith's great looks.

Faith Hill is such a knockout. As a makeup artist, what features do you think make her such a bombshell?

She truly is a beauty as well as a beautiful person.  Faith's killer smile is one of her most captivating features.  She also has beautiful skin and her eyes are fun to play up too.

How do you collaborate with Faith on her makeup looks?

We start out by talking about the event, what she plans for her wardrobe, and what vibe she ultimately wants to emote.  Everything has to work together and truly be cohesive.  Some days you're feeling more sassy than others, and other times you want to be more sophisticated and demure, so its important to touch base with Faith and get a feel for what she wants to go for at each and every event.

Faith's hair changes all the time. Are certain makeup looks reserved for when she does big hair, slicked back ponytail, or can any makeup look work?

It's definitely important to keep all aspects of her look in mind. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe all need to flow and work as a team.  There is no specific makeup look for any hairstyle because you have to take in consideration the type of event she is attending. Is it a day or night event?  Is it a Hollywood premiere or the MTV awards? So it is definitely important to keep all aspects of her look in mind. Once we know that, we take the makeup look from there.

What is your all-time favorite look you have tried with Faith and why?

There are so many great looks we have done, but I love doing a dramatic smoky eye on Faith because it really makes her eyes stand out.  A smoky eye is a signature look of mine and when I do this look on Faith her eyes just pop!

What aspects of Faith's makeup looks would we be able to achieve?

If we all wore a smile like Faith's we wouldn't have to count on makeup as much. I would say to definitely keep your skin fresh and dewy.  I think it's so much prettier when we have a natural glow about us even if it's an applied natural glow. Having fresh, natural, and healthy-looking skin is a great starting point for any look you want to go for.  It all starts with a great base.  You can then play things up and intensify the look, or keep it simple and natural.  No matter what, the foundation is always clear, gorgeous skin. 

Does Faith have any favorite lip or eye palette shades?

Yes.  Faith loves using grays and blacks for dramatic eye makeup and usually a light pink or nude lip works really well on her too.

What tips and tricks can we use to achieve Faith's flawless skin?

I would say to keep the foundation and powder on the light side, and let your skin shine through. In other words, don't pile the makeup on. Another important tip to remember: Drink lots of water.  As a vocalist, Faith always stays hydrated and I think this is a key component of her beautiful skin.  Faith also loves to maintain a dewy look so I use a cream blush to accentuate her skin. 

Thanks Terri!  To see more of Terri's work, follow Terri on Twitter at TerriA_makeup and view her amazing portfolio at https://cloutierremix.com