Drew Barrymore gives us more glam, advice and tips for a triple shot of beauty every week. We're totally into her Tuesday Tips!

Her latest how to is all about that summertime sizzle. For perfecting the poolside-lounging look, start with copping Flower Beauty's Lip Tint Crayona pampering balm, sheer pigment lipstick and high-shine gloss in one. Time to get colorful! 

Drew swears that the crayon is perfect for both younger and older women, "[The product] is very natural,"  she explained. "You can do it [with] your beachy ways, with a kick of tint, pigment and color. And it doesn't look like you put on a bunch of makeup to go to the beach." Beauty with no fuss or fumble is always the way to achieve true fabulosity.

Trying a light color like a subtle rose shade with some brown mascara works wonders, too. Drew drops such beauty gems! 

She reminds us to wear waterproof formulas so you're "wearing your makeup with freedom." Loving the summer makeup philosophy!  Check out her great makeup tutorial video HERE.

If you're rocking makeup looks free of stress or struggle, tell us in the comments section below!