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Victoria Secret Angel Plastic Surgery: Expert Physician Talks About Women Who Want to Look Like VS Angels Part 2
Who doesn't tune into the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show and sometimes wish you had the bod or the looks of the famous supermodels strutting the runway. Many women come into Dr. Karlinsky's office aiming to look like the models above. "All the procedures we have available to us in the aesth...
Victoria Secret Angel Plastic Surgery: Expert Physician Talks About Women Who Want to Look Like VS Angels
As millions of Americans watch the world's sexiest women strut down a runway wearing push-up bras and angel wings every year, Dr. Karlinsky of New Look New Life Surgical Arts, has to prepare for women to come rushing into her office searching for their version of Victoria's Secret perfection. The...
'Tis the Season for Cosmetic Surgery: When To Book Plastic Surgery & Why Winter Is The Best Time of Year To Do It Part 2
It may be winter, but now is the time to be proactive about any changes you may want to reveal come bikini season. Not only does your personal trainer agree, but so does board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Wiener. The expert tells us there is no time better than the wintry cold to get the pr...
'Tis the Season for Cosmetic Surgery: When To Book Plastic Surgery & Why Winter Is The Best Time of Year To Do It
While summertime - with its beaches and barely-there bikinis - might get you in the mood for that tummy tuck you've always wanted, it turns out it isn't the best time for cosmetic surgery. If the last few months have you craving a fresher look, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Wiener says...
Brazilian Butt Lift Facts 101: Things You Need To Know About Buttocks Augmentations
With so much talk on the 'back end,' we figure we bring you some stats on In 2013 alone, 11,527 buttock augmentation procedures were performed catapulting it to the top spot for the most significant increases in number of procedures performed over a one-year period – with buttock augmentations ...
What Plastic Surgery Can't Fix: Physician Shares 3 Parts Of The Body That Cannot Be Changed
So we are always talking about how plastic surgery innovations have made virtually every kind of facial or body fix possible. If you're considering a plastic surgery procedure, more power to ya! We are always in support of doing things to make yourself look and feel batter. Most recently, we s...
4 Tips for Anyone Considering Plastic Surgery: Surgeon Says a Little Care in Planning Can Avert a Nightmare Part 2
So you're thinking of going under the knife for a little nip and tuck. If you're considering a potential plastic surgery procedure, Dr. John Zannis has a few tips for you before you book your appointment. With over 5,000 surgical procedures in all aspects of plastic surgery under his belt, read ...
How to Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity: Plastic Surgeon Gives Tips For Choosing Your New Look Part 1
Dr. Wiener's grasp of the form and function of the human body, combined with an eye for detail makes him the most sough after expert for plastic surgery advice. Dr. Wiener was also listed as a "top surgeon" by Consumers' Research Council of America and has made numerous national and local media a...
Extreme Weight Loss: How To Tighten Skin After You Lose A Lot Of Weight Part 2
So you've lost a lot of weight. You feel super accomplished and like a new person! Just ask the recent fitness gurus featured in People Magazine. These aren't your average trainers or gym rats. Each person lost over 100 lbs after struggling with their weight. Talk about being inspired! But som...
Extreme Weight Loss: How To Tighten Skin After You Lose A Lot Of Weight
Have you seen the extreme weight loss centerfolds from the latest inspirational feature in People Magazine? These amazing stories prove a new you is possible! Whether it was 5 pounds of 150 pounds, weight loss is a victory for individuals. However, those with a recent massive weight loss face a...
Facelift In An Hour: Ultrasonic Facelift Erases Lines Without the Incisions
For years, facelifts have been the gold standard for obtaining a younger, tighter face. But now Ulthera, a non-invasive ultrasound procedure promises to provide results for almost everyone, and can be performed during a simple office procedure lasting about 20 minutes to one hour! Check out what ...
Thigh Gap Trend: New CoolSculpting Procedure Helping Women Achieve Look
Photoshop has become a great way for the selfie lover to get rid of those areas they'd like to camoflauge. Ever since Kim K and Beyonce reportedly used Photoshiop apps to create slimmer silhouettes and thigh gaps, the trend has become even more popular. Now, CoolSculpting, the latest plastic surg...
Light Treatment Skin Care: How To Fight Aging, Acne, Redness & Breakouts
From Vampire Facelifts to Bee Venom Facials, we are all constantly on the search for the newest anti-aging treatment. The latest trend takes away the bizarre elements and returns to a basic concept: light. According to our resident expert Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner, this new i...
'Tech Neck' Treatment: Symptoms, Wrinkles & Pain Explained By A Plastic Surgery Pro
Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we interact, get our news, and browse the Internet. We're continuously gazing at screens, and more often than not, we're looking down when we do. As an unfortunate result, specialists are seeing more wrinkles around the neck - appropriately coined "tech n...
Now Trending: 'Social Media Surgery' Brings New Patients to Plastic Surgeons
Celebs aren't the only ones who know about trends. Check out what doctors are dubbing the new thing to hit their offices: social media surgery Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milgrim explained this new phenomena to us. So what is social media surgery? The expert weighed in on what he and so many other specia...
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