Celebs aren't the only ones who know about trends. Check out what doctors are dubbing the new thing to hit their offices: social media surgery?!

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milgrim explained this new phenomena to us. So what is social media surgery exactly? The expert weighed in on what he and so many other specialists are noticing.

"The top three ways patients get information on facial surgery today is online, through patient referrals and social media," the physician explained. "One third of facial plastic surgeons have seen an increase in patients due to how they are viewing themselves on these sites."  Dr. Milgrim would later tell us that 26% of patients now come to a doctor for advice due to seeing their selfies online, creating a significant rise in demand for more procedures.

This new trend aligns with what we've been hearing about when it comes to the newfound social power selfies have on people and their looks.

When asked what he thinks what triggered this new wave of patients, Dr. Milgrim confirms everyone's likely guess. "Facebook, MySpace, Instagram pictures are what triggered the phenomena," he said without hesitation. "Patients look at their pictures posted online and based on the images they are unhappy with, typically I hear that their nose is too large, they have sagging necks, crows feet, etc."

"Patients are deciding to alter their appearance because they want to look better in pictures, and are always unhappy with a hump on the nose, droopy eyes, or any number of specific facial features," the expert explained. "Due to more online presence with endless images, the need to fix these things becomes more palpable."

Dr. Milgrim also highlighted that dating sites, where pictures carry a lot of weight as well, are also the inspiration for patients who feel they need a new look. "Higher cheek bones, less tired eyes, and smoother skin all make the face more aesthetically pleasing and are among the requests I get most," he said. 

So what are some subtle changes one can make without drastically changing your face? Dr. Milgrim says start simple and go for touch-ups instead of total makeovers. "Simple procedures such as Botox and minimal amount of fillers like Juvederm work great to get rid of lines and smooth facial features. These types of minimal treatments help with subtle changes."

And the doc's advice for potential patients considering surgery? Dr. Milgrim says seek the opinion of a professional first. "My advice is to speak to your doctor and don't look at your selfies! They are worse than the real thing," he told us candidly.

"Change your appearance for you, not because of your friend's Facebook comments. Remember, you can comment on them as quickly as they comment on you." Great point!

Dr. Milgrim's additional tips and tricks are to also remember to drink plenty of water, avoid sun exposure and wear moisturizer with SPF 50 or greater, even to go from the car to the supermarket. Keep the great looks you already have in tact and don't let social media make you question them!