So we've given you tips on how to take the best selfie, but new research warns these innocent little pictures could be doing more harm than good.

Many Psychology experts believe the art of the selfie is way more than just a photograph. These fun-filled posts have the power to do one of two things. They can either deliver a certain level of reassurance and approval, or they can leave someone feeling just the opposite. 

HelloBeautiful reports that a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, revealed one in three plastic surgeons saw an increase in young people wanting facial procedures so they could look better online. What's more, 58% of the doctors surveyed said they saw an increase in 20-something patients coming in for injections and procedures-most often rhinoplasty. 

"In this era of concentrated aesthetic focus thanks to social media, people are more connected than ever about they way they look," said Dr. Weintraub to the website. "I think it is a combination of both [photoshopped pics of celebrities and selfies]. Young people have many idols with whom to compare themselves, and they see themselves in photographs on a daily basis." 

With so many celebs having gone under the knife, its no wonder fans are following suit. From breast augmentations, to nose jobs, filler, and even butt injections, it doesn't seem like there's a limit to what body part can be modified if you can find a doctor to do it. But not every physician is down for every and any surgery.

"There are many surgeries I won't perform! I will not perform any surgery that would be a medical or aesthetic mistake. There is a fine line between beauty and artificiality, and this is a line I will not cross," the doctor said firmly.

"Beautiful is always attractive; artificial is not. In terms of specific ages, I would not do a rhinoplasty on any patient younger than 13, nor would I do a breast surgery on a female under the age of 18, or when the patient has matured physically and psychologically."

Has a selfie ever made you want to go under the knife and change your appearance? Share your thoughts below!