While summertime - with its beaches and barely-there bikinis - might get you in the mood for that tummy tuck you've always wanted, it turns out it isn't the best time for cosmetic surgery.

If the last few months have you craving a fresher look, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Wiener says there's no better time than winter.

"Most people want to take the plunge into plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures during the spring and summer because they're focused on looking their best in a bathing suit," explained Dr. Wiener.

"But the summer months aren't the time to do that. Not only does exposure to the sun slow recovery, nobody wants to be cooped up with bandages in July."

Check out the reasons why in our Q&A with the plastic surgery pro:

So Dr. Wiener, is there ever a real way to conceal that you have had work done? Is it possible?

The best way to conceal redness or bruising immediately after a procedure is to diligently follow all after care instructions, such as cold compresses on your face for the first 48 hours.

Make-up designed to cover post-surgical work is also an option, as well as ''Jackie-O" sunglasses, scarves and hats to help draw attention away from the treated areas on your face.

Why is winter the ideal time to have a procedure done?

Winter is the perfect time for a procedure because it's easier to avoid the sun and the temptations of summer. Big, bulky sweaters are comforting, and will conceal areas of your body you wish to hide during recovery.

It's also an acceptable time of the year to just stay home and hibernate for a few days. If you are able to do that, I would highly recommend a laser resurfacing procedure to refresh and rejuvenate the skin on your face and neck.

Why would summer be a bad choice for booking a plastic surgery?

It's not necessarily a bad choice, but it's more difficult to avoid the sun and spend time indoors recovering - especially if you enjoy your weekends at the beach.  Laser procedures are always best to schedule during the winter months to protect the skin from the sun's UV rays. 

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