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Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Jackie Kennedy Onasis

ByKim West
Jul 30, 2014 11:53 PM EDT

This week, we honor classic beauty, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

An icon of style, beauty, and grace this former First Lady was a part of the Camelot Era during the 1960's. Married to JFK, Jackie Kennedy embodied the effortless style and beauty needed to live in the spotlight of the public eye.

Professionals who worked with the American fashion and beauty icon describe her as the epitome of grace and style. Renowned makeup artist Pete Lamas agreed. Having worked with Mrs. Kennedy, Lamas recalled the experience well. 

"I was very impressed with her sophistication and elegance," Lamas said in an interview. "To see her with makeup and without makeup is quite surprising. Without makeup, if you see her face, her eyes are set far apart," Lamas explained."

"Her bone structure was very sharp and square. With makeup you can bring everything together," the beauty expert revealed. Lamas is credited with smoothing the angles of Jackie O.

Despite Lamas talent, he did have a great canvas to work with. Jackie Kennedy is famous for wearing minimal makeup that focused on playing up her doe-like eyes and softly accenting her lips with a pretty pink frosted shade. Jackie O is also known for her big, bold sunglasses that accessorized her amazing wardrobe that never missed the mark.

Channeling the makeup of the late great Mrs. Kennedy is simple enough. It is her effortless swag that might leave ya stumped. From basic black and white, great eyewear paired with softly tied headscarves, tailored shift dresses, and gowns, you'll also need a level of grace and that isn't sold in stores.

We also love Jackie Kennedy's hair. While styled during the 1960's, the look was the perfect length, framed her face, and proved to be pretty versatile. Check out the tutorial below on how to achieve Jackie Kennedy's classic hairstyle and rock it with timeless elegance today.

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