So you've lost a lot of weight. You feel super accomplished and like a new person!

Just ask the recent fitness gurus featured in People Magazine. These aren't your average trainers or gym rats. Each person lost over 100 lbs after struggling with their weight. Talk about being inspired!

But sometimes weight loss brings a whole new set of problems. A new body means you get to throw away all those old baggy clothes that are too big for you, but you've still got a lot of loose, saggy skin where you used to carry your weight.

Chicago-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner says body contouring procedures are an ideal solution for patients with extreme weight loss.

We told you about two of his recommendations for losing weight yesterday, so read on to learn about the three other key ways someone with excessive skin after extreme weight loss, can achieve the ultimate look they're after.

Breast Lifts. "Excessive weight loss often leads to lost volume and shape in the breasts," Dr. Gelner explained.  "A breast lift will raise and firm the breasts, and some patients require implants to improve the shape and size." To determine if you need a breast life, check out our story on The Pencil Test.

Abdomen Lifts. "The focus in abdominoplasty is geared to skin resection, and sometimes novel techniques are necessary to achieve the best results," the expert continued. "The trade-off lies in scarring versus shape." Patients also often require body lifts on the backside or lower back area.

Thigh Lifts: This procedure is relatively uncommon, but a good option for severely afflicted thighs. "Trade-offs must be carefully considered and many patients want all of their scars in the groin, but this approach has many problems," Geldner said.

"Skin resections that pass along the length of the leg are often preferable as they tighten the skin and have the most power effect on thigh shape."