So we are always talking about how plastic surgery innovations have made virtually every kind of facial or body fix possible.

If you're considering a plastic surgery procedure, more power to ya! We are always in support of doing things to make yourself look and feel batter.

Most recently, we shared a few tips you must keep in mind if you're thinking about going under the knife. Read Part One and Part Two here.

But, before you think anything and everything can be changed by the right doctor, think again.  The CEO of Realself, the online community for plastic surgery, Tom Seery, recently gave us the three things that plastic surgery can't fix:

Shoulder Width. Reducing the size of the shoulders is impossible because of the skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Those who have suffered from collar bone fractures and need surgery, result in shoulder width size reduced. The solution to undesirable shoulder width would be to augment specific features of the body to look more proportionate. 

Distance Between the Eyes. This surgery is too complex and no doctor would perform this for cosmetic purposes.

So if you feel your eyes are too far apart or too close, you are out of luck. 

Penis Enlargement. Despite the rumors and what people are convinced of, this cannot be done.

The small amount of length that can be added would prevent the penis to rise upon erection. You are asking for trouble if you are attempting this procedure. 

Ever heard of surgeries to change any of these? Tell us with a note below.

Look our for a breakdown about why these surgeries cannot be performed soon in an interview with Seery.