As millions of Americans watch the world's sexiest women strut down a runway wearing push-up bras and angel wings every year, Dr. Karlinsky of New Look New Life Surgical Arts, has to prepare for women to come rushing into her office searching for their version of Victoria's Secret perfection.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is highly celebrated and awaited, but it is also highly criticized and hated. The show represents the American ideal of beauty on steroids. Check out what Dr. Karlinsky, a highly-skilled, board-certified trained facial and body sculpting specialist had to tell us about striving to look VS angelic.

So Dr. Karlinky, is it possible to look like a VS angel by having surgery?

In my opinion, it is silly to think that by having cosmetic surgery, one can look like a VS angel.  The reason anyone would have cosmetic surgery is to improve an area of their body which they feel needs improvement and can't be accomplished by diet, exercise or non-surgical intervention.  A person should never have cosmetic surgery because they want to look like someone else.

Have these models gone under the knife or are they all just freaks of nature?

I have no way of knowing if any one of them have had any cosmetic procedures, but they are certainly not 'freaks of nature."  Human bodies can vary drastically, from short to tall, from thin to fat, and these women simply have the bodies which are considered the standard for what is beautiful, sexy and desirable. 

It is the standard which we ourselves set in place with the help of media, fashion industry and so on.  Centuries ago, the standard of beauty was very different.  Our society continues to change, with that we change our minds as to what is attractive and what is not.  Twenty years ago, no one thought that having a big butt is beautiful and now so many want to have the KK or the JLo butts because it is now considered the symbol of sexiness.   

What procedures are most often given to help women reach their desired look if inspired by these models?

I always deter my patients from trying to chase after looking like someone else.  It is not healthy and not normal in my opinion.  To be truly happy with yourself, you need to figure out what it is that bothers you and then try to address it, but not chase after trying to look like someone else. 

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