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Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes Reveals Why She Underwent Eyelid Surgery
The actress said the results of her blepharoplasty "made me feel a lot better in my skin."
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan Reacts to Plastic Surgery Rumors
The "When Harry Met Sally" star neither confirmed nor denied the speculations about her appearance.
11 Celebrities Who Regret Getting Plastic Surgery Done
Here is a list of stars, including Kylie Jenner and Victoria Beckham, who have said they regretted undergoing plastic surgery.
Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna Gets Real About Lip Fillers and Calls them ‘Dangerous'
Megan McKenna gets honest about the changes in her body and the reason behind her decision to have her lip fillers removed.
Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner
Plastic Surgeon Names A-Listers Who Had Gone Under the Knife
Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles S. Lee, reveals several A-listers who he thinks have gone under the knife as well as the procedures that they did to them.
Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Speculation Heats Up At The 2015 Billboard Music Awards
Did Iggy Azalea have plastic surgery on her face? Sources close to the "Fancy" rapper allege that Azalea had chin implants and a nose job, as debuted at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.
The 'Art' Of The Selfie: Are Millennials Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Better In Social Media Pics?
Taking selfies can become a daily habit for the typical millennial but capturing that perfect snap might require more than just the right camera angle...
Sandra Vergara Of 'Good Work' Talks Plastic Surgery, Meeting RuPaul And Dishes On Which Celeb Has Had The Best Work Done
Sandra Vergara makes 'Good Work' THE show to watch.
What Type Of Guy Goes Under The Knife?
Ever heard of a guy going under the knife? Turns out it's pretty common and gaining more and more popularity. Check out Dr. Douglas Steinbrech's breakdown of the types of men who opt for a little nip and tuck, and see if any of the men if your life might fit one of these profiles:
Plastic Surgery For Men: 'Brotox' Procedures Are On The Rise
Women aren't the only ones going under the knife. Turns out there has been a surge in men who want to look their very best too. We chatted with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, leading the charge in men's aesthetics. Here's what the pro had to say about what dudes are doing these days.
Plastic Surgery Tourism Causes Silicone Breast Implants Augmentation Recall For Women With Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) Implants
Despite many medical advancements, women are still receiving faulty breast implants. Say it ain't so! More than 300,000 women received industrial-grade silicone in their implants from French implant manufacturer Poly Implant Prosthesis. These implants were not used in the U.S., but thousands of A...
Buyer Beware: Rise In Women Getting Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Triggers Increase In Botched Before & After Results
A recent survey conducted by, found that 1 in 5 women are actively and strongly pursuing plastic surgery. This stat isn't so disturbing on its own, but with so many women looking toward elective cosmetic procedures, it is important they know what to ask your surgeon before going und...
Did Uma Thurman Get Plastic Surgery?
Uma Thurman was looking very different when she attended the red carpet premiere of her miniseries "The Slap." Did the actress go under the knife?
Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends For 2015
Wondering what's trending in plastic surgery this year? Look behind you... From 2014's Butt Lift, to 2015's Tummy Tuck, we're told Brazilian procedures are still big business. And one of the top New York's plastic surgeons has predicted the most-wanted treatments for the year ahead. Last year,...
Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Expert Physician Says Consider These 2015 New Year's Resolutions First
According to Dr. Gregory Wiener M.D. FASC, Board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, creating a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance before undergoing any type of surgical procedure. "We want to make sure prospective patients know that cosmetic surgery is not a fix-all for an unhealthy...
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