Meg Ryan (Photo : Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer)
Meg Ryan attends the amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2021 honoring TikTok and Jeremy Scott at Pacific Design Center on November 04, 2021 in West Hollywood, California.

Meg Ryan just wants to ignore the various rumors and speculations swirling online about her appearance.

In a Glamour interview published Thursday, the 62-year-old actress addressed the criticism about her appearance after she was described as "unrecognizable" in recent public appearances.

Ryan did not directly confirm or deny the rumors that she had work done on her face, but she said of the comments, "I can't pay attention to it. I just can't. It's not worth it. Of course that would hurt someone's feelings, but there are so many more interesting things to think about. Meanness and hatred are just so stupid."

When her latest film "What Happens Later" premiered last month, Ryan's return to the big screen after eight years was celebrated by fans. However, a faction of social media users pointed out distinct changes in the star's appearance, alleging that she may have gotten a botched procedure.

"[What the f---] happened to Meg Ryan's face?" one user wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

"I[']m always shocked at how horribly Meg Ryan f----- her face up," another one posted.

"[I don't care] about people doing facelift[s], plastic surgery and its variant[s]. But I have strong feelings over Meg Ryan's one, she was so so pretty," another fan lamented. 

"Great to see Meg Ryan back with her bread and butter but lord I wish she didn't mess with her face," a fan wrote.

But it's not just the fans who think the "When Harry Met Sally" star has gone under the knife.

New York-based celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk recently told The New York Post of Ryan, "She's a mess. I think she had a bad facelift in the wrong direction, sideways, instead of vertical."

Rizk dissected Ryan's facial changes, pinpointing a distinctive sign of horizontal surgery evident in her mouth.

"When she was younger, her mouth was smaller," he explained. "Look at her mouth in 'Top Gun.' Now, it's twice the size. The only way a mouth can get bigger as you get older . . . is if it's pulled sideways."

The expert also thinks Ryan has had filler injected into her lips and cheeks.

Highlighting the unusual transformation, he pointed out the development of "doughy" cheeks that were previously absent, emphasizing that cheeks typically don't expand naturally with age. Rizk also noted that fuller cheeks make the eyes look smaller.

"When you have a lot of filler or fat in your cheeks and you smile, where does it go? The cheeks go up and what's above the cheek, the eyes," he said.

Renowned for her memorable acting performances, Ryan has been hailed as the queen of romantic comedies. Her iconic roles in films such as "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993), "You've Got Mail" (1998), and "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) have solidified her status in this genre.

Her latest film, "What Happens Later," in which she stars alongside David Duchovny, premiered in theaters on Nov. 3.