Photoshop has become a great way for the selfie lover to get rid of those areas they'd like to camoflauge. Ever since Kim K and Beyonce reportedly used Photoshiop apps to create slimmer silhouettes and thigh gaps, the trend has become even more popular.

Now, CoolSculpting, the latest plastic surgery trend is eliminating the need for Photoshop by targeting the stubborn thigh areas to create the thigh gap women crave. You know we had to ask our resident plastic surgeon expert Dr. Peter Geldner about this one:

So with thigh gaps all the rage, what is cool sculpting?

CoolSculpt is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction technology. The procedure infuses specific areas of the body with controlled cooling that freezes the fat cells in the targeted layer of fat.

What makes the 'cooling' aspect so essential?

When the fat cells are exposed to the extreme cold, they begin to crystallize and die. Over time, the fat cells continue to break down and are flushed from the body, resulting in a contour change in the treated area.

Why are patients fascinated with thigh gaps?

In the age of Photoshop, more people have adapted expectations that their bodies must reflect the media's vision of skinny, which unfortunately is a photoshopped lie.

Is fat on the inner and outer thighs always unhealthy and necessary to remove?

It's a personal preference. For example, there may be times when inner thighs rub together resulting in uncomfortable chaffing.

Who is the ideal patient suitable for cool sculpting?

The ideal patient maintains an active lifestyle and is looking to eliminate a stubborn area that has persisted through diet and exercise. It's not intended for those who are obese as CoolSculpting is not body sculpting.

How does the procedure work and does it hurt?

The procedure works by using controlled cooling on specific areas of the body to decrease the number of fat cells. It's virtually painless, the patients only feel an initial pulling of the skin as the device surrounds the fat bulge with two cooling panels.

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