Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Margaret Hamilton
This week, in honor of our countdown to Halloween we had to pay homage to the original bad girl. Actress Margaret Hamilton, a warm and very kind woman is the talent who played the iconic classic Wicked Witch of the West. Now sure many don't exactly think of this infamously famous villain as a bea...
10 Basic Manicure & Nail Art Ideas That Can Also Work For Halloween Costumes
Wanna get festive for Halloween, but don't feel like breaking the bank with an utrageous manicure you\'re just gonna have to change once the festivities are over the next day? Consider repurposing some of the manicure classics we rock all the time. Check out this list of 10 basic nail ideas and p...
Halloween Get The Look: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014
Looking to do something for Halloween that lets you use your own hair? Consider the latest look from Marc Jacobs for Fall/Winter 2014. Now of course this is a high fashion, super cool look, but we couldn't help but get a sort of Halloween vibe from this hair! The braids are part fantasy, part si...
Halloween Eyes: Beauty Experts Share How To Get Perfect Lashes For October 31st
Halloween is the best time to experiment with your makeup and try some things you wouldn't normally do. Whether you are planning on being a unicorn, zombie, or Cinderella, bold lashes complete your look with any makeup and can take your costume to that next level. Hollywood makeup artists Lorna ...
Halloween Blood Makeup: 7 Subtle Ways To Look Super Spooky
Wanna get creepy with your makeup, but don't wanna go too far? Check out these inspirational ghoulish girls we found on Instagram and get some seriously spooky ideas for your own look!
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lynda Carter
This week we honor classic beauty, Lynda Carter. In honor of October and the upcoming Halloween festivities, we decided to profile a gorgeous actress who rocked one of the most iconic costumes in comic book and television history.
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Throwback Thursday Diva Inspirations
Looking for some divalicious throwback inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party? Consider these legendary queens. Sometimes a costume ball calls for something chic instead of blood and gore. Skip the guts and gool and opt for some inspiration from the beauties that have come before you. Chec...
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration Part 2
Still in need of some more Halloween costume inspiration after our first 5 suggestions? No worries, here are 5 more bad girls to choose from:
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration
OK so it may be a little early, but halloween will be here before you even know it! Why wait until the last minute to think of an awesome and unique costume idea? Considering soemthing sexy, yet sinister? Why not the classic vixen that is the femme fatale? We love the idea of a femme fatale. P...
Halloween Recap: Celebrity Costumes 2013
Halloween week is in full swing! The costume craze will likely continue well into the weekend, full of bold color, blood, makeup, and memorable spooky selfies. Never to be outdone, celebrities take time out to celebrate this freaky and festive night too. From Facebook, to Twitter, and Instagram, sta...
Halloween Manicures: Nail Looks We Love!
What's a festive holiday without a matching manicure? Halloween nails are at the tips of everyone fingers today, so check out a few of our favorites in the slideshow above! Among the trends we spotted:
Halloween Repost: Makeup Looks We Love!
The day has finally arrived! Happy Halloween to beauty junkies everywhere! We love this fun festive day for all the makeup possibilities it allows! Let your imagination and inspiration sore by clicking through the slideshow to see some of the many Halloween looks we dubbed our faves this year, court...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Vampira
This week, in honor of Halloween, we've decided to pay homage to Vampira as our Thursday Throwback. The original glamour ghoul, this dark and mysterious diva was a popular personality during the 1950's, hosting a late night comedic horror show. The star behind the persona was Finland born Maila N...
Post Halloween Skin Care: Show St. Ives How You Go From Naughty to Natural
Halloween is the one day each year when women transform their natural selves into their most naughty versions, creating the most avant-garde makeup and costume looks. Just peep our Goth Goddess, Steampunk Cinderella, and Glow in the Dark Makeup costume ideas to see how imaginative this spooky day ca...
Halloween Get the Look: 'Steampunk Cinderella' By Goldie Starling
Countless people dress up as Disney characters for Halloween, but instead of going for the classic go-tos, why not give a typical costume idea a unique twist? In a tutorial created for deals.ebay.com, makeup artist, Goldie Starling has taken Cinderella to new fantastical heights, turning her into...
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