Halloween Repost: Makeup Looks We Love!

The day has finally arrived! Happy Halloween to beauty junkies everywhere! We love this fun festive day for all the makeup possibilities it allows! Let your imagination and inspiration sore by clicking through the slideshow to see some of the many Halloween looks we dubbed our faves this year, courtesy of Instagram's spooky selfies!

Still stumped as to what to go as? There's still time! Follow these three key steps and you'll still be able to make this Halloween creative and fun.

Pick a tutorial. Looking to break out of the conventional Halloween box? Search for cool Halloween beauty tutorials on the web. Start with a concept you'd like to try and then turn it up a notch by checking out all the different spins on the look online. Take creative inspiration from even more than one video, combining the artistic takes of other gurus with your own for a ghoulish new look.

Prep for your look. The beauty of Halloween beauty tutorials is the step-by-step breakdown. No matter much of a novice you are, the final look can be yours simply by using the makeup play by play. Watch the video before you try to create the actual look, gathering all your similar tools and shades together beforehand, so the final product is easy to create and perfect.

Add your signature. Follow the tutorials to achieve your desired spooky swag, but add your own personal touch. Think about your everyday beauty style. Do you like to focus on your brows, do you always wear a certain shade of lipstick or eyeshadow? Be sure to incorporate you into the look too! And remember to have fun!

What do you plan to be for Halloween this year? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or tweet us your pics @Beautyworldnews so we can see!

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