Halloween Get the Look: 'Hard as Hell’ Goth Goddess By Mayela Vazquez

Still stuck in a Halloween rut? Professional makeup artist, Mayela Vasquez has an idea you'll definitely want to consider. The artist recently shared her inspiration for her 'Hard as Hell' look with BeautyPress. With all the drama and super saturated color this image is serving up, we can't wait for this year's costume party! Much of what you'll need, you likely already have: black and white eyeliner, a dark purple or burgundy eyeshadow and if you can, a pair of lashes. Click through the slideshow to create your beauty checklist and make this look your own.

Flawlessly Fair. For a more dramatic effect, you will need a long lasting foundation, much lighter than your real skin color. For this, Mayela recommends Make Up For Ever's Face and Body Liquid Make-Up ($40). "The formula is waterproof and delivers a natural, satin finish. Follow up with the brand's HD Powder ($34) to set and finish your base look," she said.

Spooky Gaze. This look centers on the eyes. To start, defined brows should frame your face, but Mayela says not to worry if you're sparse up top. "If you don't have a thick eyebrow, you can add some of the foundation you applied over your brows, apply your setting powder over that, and brows will disappear altogether for an even more dramatic look," Vasquez explained.

Chiseled Chill. Create the illusion of super angular facial structure. "For contouring, use a darker color on your cheekbones to create that avant garde look we are looking for," Mayela stated. "You can use brown or even purple eye shadow for this." To have more control, use a small brush to apply these bold colors. You can use a light shimmer to highlight as well. Try Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eyeshadow Pencil in Delinquent ($20).

Ghost White. Keep the drama coming and break out the white eyeliner. After applying white eyeliner to the inside of your lower waterline, Mayela says its time for a smoky eye. "Use your eyeshadows to create a smoked out effect. Your pale skin and contoured face will take eyes from smoky to just plain spooky."  Apply black eyeliner to the corners of eyes to add depth. Then finish the look with fake eyelashes and mascara. "For eyelashes I recommend Shu Uemura, Make-Up Forever or Ardell as great go-to options," Mayela cited.

Blood Red Rouge. Choose your lip-color and go as dark as you dare. "I love Illamasqua lipstick colors, especially for Halloween," Vasquez said. The artist recommends this brand's Two-Toned Lip Bundle in shades ESP and Posture, or Kontrol and Atomic. The Pout Perfection Set is another great option that comes complete with lipstick, lip pencil, and a lip brush.  And for a super dark pout, choose the brands lipstick in shade Pristine.

Goth Nails. Why stop at your makeup? Keep the dark and mysterious theme going all the way to the tips of fingers. Paint talons a deep aubergene that's almost as black as your lips. Try NARS Purple Rain ($19) in a super dark, gothic purple lacquer.

Halloween Hair. This intricate look is made with an easy-to-style braid. "First, you will need to create a loose ponytail," Mayela instructed. "In order to get the same wrap-around effect, you will likely need to use some synthetic hair extensions. Create 2 different braids and use them as headbands that will go fully around your head. Pull a few strands out of the braids so the loose strands move with you like a floating ghost." To set them in place, use a few bobby pins, hairspray, and you're done.

Freak Out. Create an air about you that celebrates the unusual and unexpected. Illamasqua's Freak Eau de Parfum ($90) will add the finishing touch to your Halloween look. With notes like Black Davana, Poison Hemlock, Queen of the Night blossom, and Frankincense, this perfume is beyond perfect for a dark evening. Freak is a unisex concoction of exotic unconventional flowers, blended together to celebrate the night.

Loving this look? Ready to try it on for size? Let us know with a comment below!

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