What's a festive holiday without a matching manicure? Halloween nails are at the tips of everyone fingers today, so check out a few of our favorites in the slideshow above!

Among the trends we spotted:

Candy Corn. Certain color combos are reserved only for special times of year, and orange has definitely come out to play. Paired with black yellow, and white, give nails a sugar rush of candy-coated color.

Glow in the Dark. Manicures are kept modest by day, and go all aglow at night. UV polishes and blacklight topcoats have taken nail art to new wattages.

Blood Red. We've told you all about how to take your red nail polish and turn it into a crime scene for nails, and many Instagram nail junkies have done just that. From vampire bites to knife wounds, bring on the nail art gore!

Basic Black. When it doubt, rock an all-black mani and you're ready for any Halloween. Black can be found in practically every mani we highlighted this year too. The beauty of this polish is if you're looking to keep Halloween going a little longer, this spooky shade will always do the trick.

Spider Webs. Get caught in this black widow trend. The fad can be done big or small, with both small nods and big Halloween homages showcasing how to rock this creepy creation well.

Boo! Frightful little words have creeped up onto many a nail bed this Halloween. From cautionary crime tape, to horror movie titles and TV shows, manicures are a terrifying read.

Amazing details. Haunted houses, sharp vampire fangs, and even the face of Frankenstein can be seen in Halloween themed manis. The intricacies are so nothing short of impressive.

What color and designs are you rocking on your nails today? Let us know with a note below!