Costume or not, one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is with a spooky set of nails. Even better, you can save money on special polishes or a salon manicure, simply by using what you already own. No nail junkie should be without a classic shade of red nail polish in her collection. Whether your personal preference for crimson is a fire engine, glitter-filled, or deep oxblood hue, use that rouge to create ten little torrid talons. Click through the slideshow to check out these horrifying options for hands and let us know what you think!

Dripping Blood. In true Halloween spirit, embrace the gore factor and let red run wild. Pour a small dollop of your polish and with a toothpick or fine nail, apply a drop of color to the tip of your tool and drag it towards the middle of your nail bed.

Knife Wounds. Is it a slasher set you're after? Do tons of damage simply by taking a tooth pick, dipping it in your crimson shade, and making sharp strokes across the nail bed. A backdrop color of black or white works well with this stabbing style.

Dipped in Blood. If you don't feel like going all out, a subtle touch of crazy works too. Leave red to just the tips or the crescents of nails for a just bitten look. From afar your manicure will look ordinary, but after a double take, it'll be clear this nail set isn't quite right.

Blood Spatter. Washing your hands after a crazed killing spree doesn't get rid of all the evidence. Carry out the theme of movies like Scream, Friday the 13th, and Freddy Kruger with red paint splattered across an unassuming set of once perfectly polished nails. Pour a small dollop of color onto a plate, dip a straw into the color, and then blow it onto nails.

3D Horror. Who says gory nails can't be bedazzled? Add a touch of glamour to your creepy talons by accenting a nail or two with complementary gold or black rhinestones and studs. We've proven Halloween can be beautiful, just check out our fabulous Halloween Queens of Darkness List.

Ready to make your red lacquer redrum worthy? Let us know with a comment below!