OK so we admit this was originally going to be about black nails for Halloween, but once we got started, we realized all these chic possibilities could work anytime of the year. Now if you're one of those gals who still think black lacquer is NSFW, think again!

It's as classic as a red polish, just as eye-catching as your brightest pink, and will always have the highest cool factor of them all! Just ask Demi Lovato! Check out these cool ways to get noticed with noir and let us know what you think! Click through the slideshow for a bit of inspiration!

Black Out. A basic black mani is the coolest ever. Think of it as your LBP (little black polish) that you should always have on hand in your collection when you need an extra boost in swag.

The color pops off any skin tone and can be worn by even the girliest girl. Let your inner badass peek through a little and show everyone you're not afraid of the dark.

Black French. If you're a fan of the French manicure, stay classically trained, but change out your traditional shade from white to black. Black on black lacquer looks super chic.

Make tips glossier than the rest of the nail bed so you're French remix is visible to all. But you can always keep this edgy shade to just the tips of your fingers too if you want for an unexpected French finish.

Black Ombré. The beauty of this essential neutral? It goes with any other color! You name it, black can tame it. Choose your favorite color to compliment the shade and you have a winning combo.

Save black for last or apply the darker shade first, add your lighter shade towards the tips or beginnings of the nail bed, and after dabbing the colors lightly together where they meet, your fade to black effect will look awesome.

Black Matte. Matte is back! If this deep, dark shade is leaving you petrified to try the polish, perhaps taking the gloss factor out of the equation might help. A matte finish is huge among nail junkies everywhere.

The muted tone looks great and makes every shade you own new again. After painting nails black, either apply a matte topcoat, or use steam to mattify your mani. The gloss will be subdued, but your black will still be fierce.

Black in 3D. If you are a bold color-wearing, bring on the designs diva, then three dimensional nail art is right up your alley. Rhinestones take black center stage with full glam.

Studs let you rock out like a rebel. And bows prove black polish can go girly too. Personalize your black mani with these fabulous finishing touches.

Loving your black lacquer? Let us know with a note below!