Starring in the new season of two hit TV shows, a hot new album, and new blue hair, Demi Lovato is on fire! We recently shared the news that the singer/actress in revving up to partner with The New Black nail polish, so we decided to take a closer look at this gal's nail game, and boy do we have a nail junkie on our hands! Click through the slideshow to see for yourself!

Demi has some serious nail swag. The star has tried out virtually every nail trend. From bold nail color, to different nail lengths, to 3D art, and popular designs, we found tons of pics that run the creativity gamut.

Now while Demi may be a popular Hollywood starlet and songbird, keeping a celebrity's nails in a steady stream of look-at-me lacquers is still no easy feat. Appearances, performances, and tons of red carpet events mean there's little time for pre-planning her polish. Even worse, there's little room to even get her ready! Imagine every member of your glam squad attacking you at all at once to make sure your look doesn't have you running late. Things can quickly turn into a beauty war zone!

Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees agrees. In her experience with the stars, she reveals the glamour fans see up front, is usually never behind the scenes. With so many hair and makeup artists vying for the same person, Kyees told AOL in an interview that things often get physical. "I've taken a lot of elbows to the head! But that's OK, whatever it takes!"

It's clear that with so many different nails looks, often within days of each other, that Demi's team has her glam time down to a science. We knew the star loved to change up her nail designs, but we didn't realize the addiction was certifiable until we amassed the many Lovato lacquer photos we had saved since last year. Gotta love a girl who appreciates a good polish.

"If you have badass nails, you are going to show them on Twitter," Demi said. "When I have cool, awesome nails, I want everyone to see."  Keep the pics coming girl!

Which nail look of Lovato's is your fave? Let us know with a comment below!