Halloween will soon be here, so it's time to get glowing! Check out these 5 great products that look like ordinary makeup by day, but illuminate and glow once the sun goes down by night. Perfect for costumes, raves, theatrical performances, or just for fun, add these unique black light beauty innovations to your collection for whenever you feel like lighting things up! Click through the slideshow to check out each pick.

Nails. Neptune, Moon, Jupiter. Take talons on a space age odyssey with American Apparel's Glow In The Dark Nail Polish. Electric blue, orange and yellow shades go on sheer to create vibrant fluorescent finishes. The formula is 3-free too (cruelty free, DBP, toluene free).

Nails. Not ready to commit to any one new color? With Pure Ice's Black Light Topcoat, you can turn any polish you own into a glow in the dark lacquer. Available at Walgreens for just $2, add this polish to as many different shades as you can wear, and watch them all glow the same!

Lips. Gloss is no match for this kind of shine. Stila's After Glow Lip Color for $18 packs a neon pop for your pout. Choose from hot pink, tangerine, fuchsia, and violet hues. The formula contains florescent pigments that are three times brighter than conventional colors.

Black light-sensitive formulas create a glowing hue when exposed to ultraviolet light. Build your coverage by layering your color applications, which stain lips for long-lasting color.

Hair & Skin. The B.L.A.M.E collection is a black light activated cream makeup used on the face and body to create unique and fun designs. These twist-click pens are super-easy to use, transfer-resistant and longwearing. You get all 6 vibrant black light reactive shades for $22.

The mess-proof applicator tip allows you to apply color to hair and skin. And though it lasts all night, each color easily washes off with soap and water.

All-Purpose. With this palette, you get 7 different colors for the price of $30. Use in your hair and on your face. Aquacolor UV-Dayglow is specially color intensive and glows under black light conditions. It is universally applicable to clothing too. This palette can be replenished with UV-Dayglow Compact Color Refills as well.

What glow products are the highlight for you? Let us know with a comment!