Beauty How-To: Shimmery Eye Liner
Now that the holiday parties are here, what better way to look your best than by donning head-turning eyeliner? Yes, tis' the season for shimmer!
Top 10 Makeup In A Music Video Moments Countdown: #7
Our music video countdown continues! We're profiling our Top 10 list of songs whose visual appeal has made them worthy of the Beauty World News archives. Whether for makeup inspiration of for just plain fun, check out these catchy tunes and their cool visuals every Monday and let us now what you thi...
3 Tips On How To Wear Glasses With Eye Makeup
Whether you need them for a prescription or just like to wear them for fun, glasses are one of the hottest accessories to rock right now. The 'geek chic' look is in and four eyes are the new two eyes! But any gal whose donned a pair of frames knows that eye makeup can be a challenge when you wear th...
Beauty 101: How To Fix and Avoid Eyeliner Mistakes
So you love makeup, but you wanna step up your game when it comes to eyeliner. We hear ya. This eye makeup essential can look fabulous when done right, or leave your once hot look, a hot mess if done wrong. Luckily, we have access to Erica Gonzalez, a celebrity makeup maven that has given us a helpf...
Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Weekly Faves
With Halloween right around the corner, I couldn't help but hit up a few drugstores to find some spooktacular products. I found great nail art kits, temporary lip tattoos and glitter eyeliners that jumped out at me. Click through my creepy-themed cosmetics if you dare, and let me know what you think...
Celebrity Makeup Artists Tell All: 5 Red Carpet Secrets Of The Stars
We love spilling the 'T' on celebrity beauty secrets and techniques. So when we met some of the industry's top hair and makeup stylists at a cocktail party Thursday, we knew we'd have to get them to share the beauty knowledge wealth. Luckily they had tips galore! Check out these 5 cool pieces of adv...
Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Faves
This week, I've got a mixture of new makeup finds and one old product that is a personal fave of mine. Two of my picks are from leading skincare brands Aveeno and Clinique, while one COVERGIRL item is quickly becoming a staple in my beauty bag. Check out the above slideshow to see my trio of product...
Try the Trend: Retro Hair & Makeup
Ready for a throwback? No, it's not Thursday yet, but the trend towards retro makeup is in full effect, so why not try it? Who doesn't love reenacting the fabulously beautiful trends of days gone by? From the eye- popping drama of Greta Garbo during the silent film era, the understated glam of Gr...
Permanent Makeup: Is Tattooing The New Beauty Trend?
Imagine you went to bed with your makeup on. Now picture the next morning and you can skip adding a drop of lipstick or an ounce of eyeliner and mascara to your face. You could sleep in and pop outta bed ready for the day with your makeup perfectly in place. Sound like every beauty junkie's fantasy?...
Inglot Heads To Broadway And Makes Debut With Tony Award-Winning Musical Pippin
Inglot will soon be taking to the stage! The beauty brand recently announced its debut on Broadway with sponsorship from the Tony Award winning musical comedy, Pippin. Ever seen this theatrical performance in action? Pippin is a story that surrounds the Royal heir, Pippin, who is spurred on by a ...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Twiggy
This week we honor classic beauty, Twiggy, as our Throwback Thursday Still in New York Fashion Week mode, we decided to honor one of the most iconic faces of the industry to ever grace a magazine. This cutely boyish, big eyed girl from London quickly became recognized as the symbol for the swingi...
Get the Runway Look: Betsey Johnson - New York Fashion Week Spring 2014
Betsey always knows how to put on a sick fashion show, cartwheels and all, and this Spring 2014 collection was no different. Check out the eye-popping images straight from the runway in the slideshow above. Complete with teased-beyond-belief pink hair (yes, pink hair), blinged out lips, hoop earr...
Get the Runway Look: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013
Fall will soon be on the horizon and with it, some great new makeup options. The stunning ready to wear designs of Dole and Gabanna offer the perfect inspiration for a dramatic makeup look. If it’s a sexy, bold makeover you're after, greet fall with the sophisticated cat eye and bold red lips from...
Get the Celebrity Look: Kourtney Kardashian's Teal Eyeliner
Kourtney Kardashian loves to rock gorgeous teal eyeliner, making quite a bold statement. We think she is starting a super-cool beauty trend, so major proprs to the reality star for her electrirying eyes.
Jane Cosmetics Relaunch: The All New Revamped Beauty Collection is Back
Great news beauty geeks! Jane Cosmetics re-launched its line in 500 stores yesterday before launching at Khols stores in September and later expanding to Stage department store chains.
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