Whether you need them for a prescription or just like to wear them for fun, glasses are one of the hottest accessories to rock right now. The 'geek chic' look is in and four eyes are the new two eyes! But any gal whose donned a pair of frames knows that eye makeup can be a challenge when you wear them. Luckily one of our favorite celebs has provided a few of her own personal tips on how to make eyes pop behind bifocals.

Actress, new Flower Beauty makeup mogul, newlywed, and new mom, Drew Barrymore is chock full of advice on practically everything. We tune in every week to get her Tip Tuesday insight on how to solve beauty dilemmas and just had to share her secrets to big bold eyes with glasses. Here they are:

Eyeliner. Rocking her husband's black frames, Drew shares a tip she learned from a pro. "A tip a makeup artist taught me, which I actually love and apply in my own life is to take an eyeliner and start on my bottom waterline," she explained. This really gives nice depth of color and makes Drew's green eyes pop. But don't put the liner down just yet.

"Here's the trick and what's going to work really well for women and glasses," Drew continued. "Go up to the top waterline, especially in the corners, and you wanna drag it all the way around the top. This actually makes your eyes look bigger and it really works!"

Liquid Liner. Time to make peepers pop with a new set of wings. "Instead of going across the whole eye, start at the end and just give yourself a tiny little cat eye," Drew recommended. Apply a bit of the liner towards the middle to blend, but the technique should be simple and fast. "It gives an illusion where people are now looking at your eyes, examining the shape of them. It's really eye-grabbing."

Mascara. What eye makeup is complete without this must have? For lashes, Drew says to for a lengthening formula. "You don't just want volume, but you want your lashes to tickle the glasses," the actress said. Piling on the formula with three coats, Barrymore instructs beauty mavens to start at the base and truly comb the lashes with their mascara wand. "Rather than doing a stubby side-to-side motion, you really want to go from the bottom to the top. It helps the lashes curl and gives you some extension," she said.

And don't forget the bottom lashes! Drew adds a touch of mascara to the lower lash line as well. "Make sure you never leave out those bottom lashes," Drew warned. "What a difference those make. They can make you look like you haven't done as much to your eyes."

Check out the full video of Drew demonstrating how to get eyes ready for frames HERE, and let us know if any of these tips work for you and your glasses with a note below!